Tuesday, October 22, 2013

saturn conjunct true node

in Scorpio with mercury retrograde in Scorpio..

I think it is shaking us up a little because Saturn is fear..
do your best and be honest, that way you don't have to remember what you said..right?

The eight fold path was created for a reason..that when we feel spiritual we connect and feel better.
That is the void that religion may fill..I do not know..it was stuffed down my throat to where I learned the whole thing in Greek and then I was like, why can't women go in the altar..I am going..I did go in the altar one time or two! Do you believe it? Archaic, to say the least..
You have to say three times, "I Renounce Satan"
I don't even know that guy..
is he pretty, why is he evil if god made him, who made him, how come god gave him earth and made it so fun?
How come god made pain, and a fire pit for his creation? Why did he make the slaughter of humans on earth..children and women and men..with swords, with fire, with a friking flood?
wait, wait, so this guy is about to kill his child for god to show that he loves him enough (child endangerment)
and then when he didn't we have now created all religion on one side of our planet..and the other not much better.in the beginning of Hinduism, if the husband dies, the wife has to die too..but they don't do that anymore..
Because we are smarter and this is a great time on earth. We know why floods happen and we know more about how cycles of weather effect us..We also know that we are more than our planet. There are others in the same little space, going around the same star..our giver of live..all true real stuff..

Pluto in Capricorn teaches us to do with less so that in the long haul, we have already paved a path for ourselves with our hard efforts, Saturn in Scorpio is smarts, getting to the details and doing things perfectly..
I love a nice clear path:)
Mercury in Scorpio retrograde teaches us that mistakes have been made.We carry on..learning, remembering not to do it again..throw the guilt away..it serves nothing..carry on..that is what Scorpio does, Mercury in Scorpio that is..

Astrology is interesting. I believe that one can become more self aware, more in control and more focused when utilizing archetypal forces of our civilization since the big ice age thaw about 11 thousand years ago..
I had to call it something..archetypes...humans..still so brutal and getting less brutal?
I want that..no more stupid wars!
Who needs them? Let's fix this place instead of taking everything we can from the oceans, and the mountains..our precious water, our precious land. Lets us have real conversations and real food and real books now and again..
Our lives are wonderful in so many ways..we couldn't have picked a better time to be here! It is for sure better than before, way better!

have a wonderful day:)

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