Thursday, October 17, 2013

The moon is full tomorrow

how nice for us

everyone was odd today and it rained. it rained a cold rain that hurt my bones a and my bones, I put arnica and frankincense on my feet. It is so weird about my bones and rain. I just get all inflamed and not in the same spot on my it was my left foot..I got a leg cramp in it... lol..I just took some magnesium and i feel it working and when I rubbed it with frankincense it felt way better..I took arnica and put arnica on it too.
I am like a human barometer with the rain..northern California would be perfect if my family would go with..
like I am going to leave my momma again..we spent so much money on the phone when I was  gone in the jungle..
she spent it..she called me all the time. I had a cell phone..when I moved to the hippie house, I had to walk two miles for the  phone to get reception. She knew my schedule so she called me when I was in "town"
My parents are still talking about the money my mom spent on the phone talking to me..she would have loved Costa Rica. Anywhere is nice as long as you have good food to eat and good stories and internet:))) yes?
We had lemon and papaya trees and bitter orange trees, ylang ylang, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger, tumeric, noni, bananas, which you have to cut the whole thing of the bananas when they are ripe and then you have like 40 bananas all at wonder they fry them up all day..I think that might make a person overweight..but when you walk 10 miles a day, you do not get fat..and here we are with Dr Oz telling us we need to eat a tamarind fruit called Garcinia Cambogia..really? Now we are calling fruit by their botanical Latin names to make them sound amazing. Now they are super foods?
Dude, in the tropics, you can eat all the tamarind you want, until you do not want to look at it.
I loved a drink they made with tamarind..they would just blend the fruit, seeds and all with water, ice if they had it and sugar and strain the whole thing in a good..
the sugar is unrefined and very caramel flavored..You can get tamarind fruit here too, but it is not the same if you ask me..some things are meant to be enjoyed for a short time and then we move on...

I am beginning to be able to talk about it the year I  taught English to the Colombian drug dealer's daughter. I found out long after she was my student..a sweet, quiet girl, tall for her age and thin, he was just big a very big man and always well dressed..and was I supposed to know Jesus was a drug  dealer?
The little girl wanted to learn English to please him. I never met the mother but I noticed she kept a very tidy home...I noted the clean floors, even in the corners. :)

The feet
carry me
hold me
move me
left side
my heart
my feelings
my emotional receptivity
my honesty

(:I move freely and easily towards my awesome future:)

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