Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Samhain Happy Halloween

What are our most grandiose hopes and fears?

lets us attend..
to love
Reality and a sense of "How am I wrong?" instead of "Oh, I am offended and always right!"
This is my intention for the coming year. I will be reverent of all dimensions and not just the three we know about now. I will always keep my cool and allow my kind heart to shine like a beacon among like minded,  hungry minds.

first we need boswellic ointment :)
easy to make..
after that we need to take a minute and think our actions..those of you that know and counsel me, thank you!

Lets us make something good. here is my recipe for a lovely healing balm;

You will need 1/2 ounce beeswax
1 cup olive oil or your favorite oil
I love organic sunflower oil"))
1/2 ounce frankincense or boswellia seratta..that is Indian frankincense

melt the wax slowly
add the oil
keep it warm until the oils melts the wax again and add the frankincense oil and gently cool.
You can use any nice glass jar and you should keep this handy for its benefits on pain and inflammation.
Does it work like pain pills?
It is a quiet helper which strengthens your body and does not hurt your liver.

Try is good.

Joyful Samhain
Intending Weath
Indending Knowledge
Higher Mind

Merry Meet!


  1. Hi Anastasia! I was wondering if you could tell me what brands you find to be the best for essential oils? It seems difficult to sift through all the different companies.


  2. I have been working with four companies since the 90's
    Sunrose for citrus and patchouli..her labdanum is beautiful. her Oakmoss, just lovely!

    Eden, always great. best neroli, best customer service, best sandalwood..
    White Lotus, awesome oils..awesome!
    Ananda, great patchoulis and wonderful petitgrains!

    I like some companies a whole lot like Floracopea..but I need ounces not just 10mls of something..

    They will all give you a sample or two except White Lotus..he always send a perfume of some sort as a gift.
    It is all good. I love his oils. I have never been dissapointed by these companies. Not one time!