Thursday, June 19, 2014

love come down

"oohhh you make my love, come down, all the way down,.."
I woke up with that  song in my head.Well, I live in Detroit, it still gets played a whole lot in places I frequent.
Now. I will hear it three more times at work and be singing them words all day..
**one of the boys i work with will dance with me. It is so fun with the younger men..I suck at street dancing...ha h ha ha..I look like a crazy person, like Elane on, Seinfeld, was so bad that everyone would turn away in total, "no, please" mode!

I am almost done with game of why did they kill that guy, that was just mean? They give you characters which are obviously short lived on that show. Cerce is a bitch, a horrid hag..I would stay away from people like her, like a bad snake she will bite and poison you for life. Some things you cannot turn back from. They ruin you  you in a trancendental way! Each time you think of it, it cuts you deep inside a bit.
nevermind the past honey! You can move on, you are moving on..
"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"
So the Game of Thrones..
They guy who writes for this show, is yucky in real life. that is what happens when all you do is sit on the computer..
Some actors are better than others. Also that story gives you a side to British life and its cast system from way back. Really, The  "Queen? She is a Taurus by the way. I wonder why she wants to put on tights and travel so much waving her hand? "Her People"
 Maybe I should study this Taurus  type, and see what is up with these chicks. they do not dick around when it comes to style. If it were me and it is, in some cases, I would lay it all down for taurus woman..
"all the way down.."
I'd be like, here, take care of this.."
I find them to be in control, living well and face it, it is a load off of our backs because Taurus Woman is great at folding, cooking, taste like in the Japanese sense, definitely classical knowledge. Taurus man, knows one big thing....But it is Taurus lady who is really pulling herself together...themselves together..holding, trusting, being pretty..oh and the dragon girl on game of thrones is a Taurus too. She makes any sack they put on her look stylin' bully..that is boo lee..
tightening the reigns on some stray projects that take their time and money which can be used for better things.
Maybe that should be the lesson of the taurus way
 of money today...
Is it ever enough?
Ever enough holding and sharing love and art?
Ever enough dust to clean up..
you must
pay them all and then  be free
that is what money is for
not some fucking guilt trip

just sayin'
sorry I cussed:)

Evelyn Champagne King

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