Monday, June 16, 2014

always look forward

I had a homeopathy workshop once by a very well spoken woman who loved the emotional benefits of homeopathic medicines.
she was over 300 hundred poounds, maybe even more,
can she be an expert in something like homeopathy or bach flowers when clearly she needs them in one large way? I loved her lecture!
Every one came out of that not caring about anything she had to say. I did. I mean, yes, she is severely overweight, but she still learned so much!
I am still unclear on how homeopathy is telepathically for sure in some way or another.
reality is so much more magical that all the magic we make up...
We have a wonderfully rich and  "word" filled few months coming up.
Word filled as in don't fucking throw swords out of your mouth just to prove to someone that they hurt you a year ago. or ten...
forget were a big player in all the traumas you created..
take ignatia lol
take oak and take walnut and think about what you are and what you want.
and  do what you want..
say the not be a marter.

here is a story about me..again..
a few years ago we had some sort of discourse in my little circle..all of us being in agreement over the actions of some family and or friend member that we all love..I was the last to finally say something to the wrong person..
who do you  think still gets the heat for saying what is real?
the big mouth is me..
I am very outspoken to people I love with and about them..
we all talk...why do you think people wait in line to tell me their life?
Maybe because I listen a whole lot?
If you still feel un happy and un not lay it down to another person. be free and say what you want to say and do not just follow like a blind sheep in order not to rock the boat..
you do not have to rock the boat. if someone you love is doing that or done that recently and now it is your turn? No! You must continue to move forward and perhaps, choose who you speak with, very carefully.
The laws of cause and effect are super clear and super cold!
It is Universal Policy..:)
If big mouths like me didn't ask the pertinent  questions, how are we gonna understand what is correct? ha ha lol omg...
"oh, your talking is uncomfortable", my mom said that..:)
I know, breaking free from chains of ignorance is painful at first. You have had them practically grafted on to you..and me..remember this story is me.
When I was a teen, I was awful..questioning every religion and asking the why' dad would come after me..a whole lot..he was so mean about his faith, he was! He is amazed about space and his Greek Orthodoxy..
Hey man, I will not challenge him, my mom, yes..he is my dad, I will challenge you, but not him..who am I, some silly twit just trying to make it in the my home and at my job which really hurts my feet lately..I took the faking boots back and I still hate the new shoes..
I might go on a greens fast one day a week and see if the extra greens help the inflammation I seem to be so attached to.

"I walk easily through my day"

If people  at home are talking about you, they probably agree on something you are doing..when everyone agrees, then yes, it is you!
(it could be that they a malicious bad people, but you would never attract that anyhow..I hope!!))
So, look to the future you and what people will say about you soon as July, things will have changed so do not get too worked up.
You are in the arena, so you cannot be too surprised about the players.

I will be shipping orders today, most of them..a couple tomorrow.
Everything turned out so nice and I just want to say thanks for  giving my skin care a chance and washing with my soap.
have a wonderful day..time to work, babies!

I have been dreaming up some beautiful ideas..mercury retrograde is wonderful for crearting, thinking, redoing and making art..
let us now re make something good
a cake a cookie or digging up dirt

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