Thursday, June 19, 2014

moss and fern

I have been in love with this scent combo for a long time. always tweaking it, letting it be and the adding something here and there.
This is a spray in pure grain distillate and pure essential oils..representing ideas such as moss, sweet and soft, on a balmy evening, oak moss, lavender mailete and hay, roses in the distance, violets in the field....the sweet scent of hay and grass..
There is clary sage hidden here which transforms the aromas into something magical..micro particles making invisible waves of energy..entering your brain easily and happily..kissed by light reflected by this special array of aromas...
lavender mailete
hay absolute
violet leaf absolute
hint of rose
clary sage
alder wood smoked salt

I would like to call this a perfume, but, it is not.
I take no further steps in separating the final result..I want to use this up in a month or two and then put it away for other things..

This is a wonderful beautiful room refresher!
This lovely moss and fern blend, fougere, will stand in as a great base for the next thing..stand by for that one...

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