Monday, June 9, 2014

good morning

and do not read the news, it won't change the things you must do at this moment for you, your family and your work mates.

let us do our best and not worry what or whose selfie looks good..

Things are changing fast. music..has changed big time from the days when we bought albums made of vinyl. To me,  that was amazing. I was (yo era)14 when I bought Elton john's don't shoot me..album.
He sang like an angel!
"Levon sells cartoon balloons in town..meow meao meao meao. some thing meao meao meao... child jesus"
I thought I was so deep then because I got a message of rare beauty from the words..
I hardly know modern music now, but I have always known beautiful notes..I love good notes smooth sultry music. Not too jazzy not too easy listening..Led Zeppelin's Kashmir is one of the best sex songs. (oh..:)) It is up there with the whole second side of dark side of the moon.

I love my life that I could have and did experience such joyous intervals of learning and enjoys awesome matter what language really. If I had still lived in Greece, I would have known all the classic Greek songs. I probably know some from my early memories.. I mean, what kind of a Greek are you if you don't recognize,
siko xorepse kouklim na se tho na se xaro
sirtaki a simple line dance
get up and dance for me my doll and make me happy to see you this way ..or enrich my heart to see you so happy and pretty..there is a whole new feeling when words are sung in Greek or Spanish.
my favorite song in know...mlaguenia salerosa..#1 all day..the kill bill movie song for the end of a movie best movie of all time ever for Martial arts fantasy..although,
Chuck's sword scenes are beautifully executed..yes, NBC, I loved it..good music too!

I do not know any songs in Macedonian, maybe they don't sing much, because they have been fighting over who owns the rights to call an ancestor their own. do you honestly think the Greeks that live a mile from Bulgaria do not speak Bulgarian and Greek for a reason? Stop with the hatred. I notice this for sure with Greece's feelings (not so good) Turkey and also Armenia's feelings (very bad) for Turkey. Turkey, if everyone thinks you are doing wrong, you are doing wrong.
Their reasons are big, it is a fight of religion and defending land and from what I have read and heard from family, they have been really mean to the Greeks and Armenians.
What is this about? Why are they all so mean to each other? They have a nice place where by the way, roses grow, basil rosemary, labdanum..great beaches..
I will tell you! It is about mean people letting thousands starve because they have no sense of humor and can't possibly listen to sweet music enough to do this sort of violence to other people. Did you see where These Sikhs all sliced each other  with swords the other day over  some insult which had turned violent 40 years ago?
The orange turban dudes were still pissed from 40 years ago over some horrible fight back then with the blue turban dudes over defending their gods..

what was i ranting about, again?
oh, yea..don't read the news, it is better to laugh and sing songs then you have no time for sadness when there is a good song! My friend she calls me singing and I follow. it makes me so happy that we both laugh and laugh. That is livin'!
Now we can stream our music  from our phones.
It means that the money is shifting and it makes music executives nervous..some have lost work, I am sure and  it is still who "you know". but..the Internet has brought new " who you knows" out..
look at etsy..over 500 million the way it will also change of course. Already they tinker with my home page as much as they care to..
"oh we are changing our look"
why, leave it, now I have to look all over again to find my emails..they are called conversations..see even we soapies have changed. they are conversations.
Do you like the same signature at the end of a note like at work from a friend? No..a real thank you is infinitely better, simple and real..basically from the heart because you actually type it out and is telepathic..we are almost ready to prove my stomach hurts from more happiness..

I hope you have a good day
thank you :)

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