Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have just finished a course in critical thinking one will be Jung..(boring...but, good)
The facts are that you cannot really ever know everything and don't be a dick about what you already know.
I am not saying I or anyone I know is a dick..just that our brain influences us big time and some very learned scientists are dicks in the end.
(I love Niel De Grass Tyson in Cosmos!)
"tested and they don't work"..they will say about homeopathy or flower essences..and yet at the same time, they will get excited about real mental telepathy and our energy, how we radiate heat..
dark matter and dark energy which we still  know nothing about..
if our heat radiates ten feet out or more and can be seen  in another dimension, then how can we dismiss homeopathy? The dog does not know that arnica helped him, but he is resting way more comfortably for hours later! Is my brain making that happen or is it still some undiscovered validity?
I want it to be true, so it is. maybe that should be good enough.

How we feel now is how we feel now but we can get all worked up about something someone did to us and another mood that may have never even tilted our emotions..we direct the heat in our mind. Take ingatia 30c, it helps with sadness and grief.

I am speaking about this because this last full moon has bloody been work!!
Yesterday, how many people walked by me in pain from the knees? Three in five minutes.
Of course they hurt! The pressure of a huge mass of clouds and full moon magnetism would definitely physically effect us. You could also become aware of issues in the body you had overlooked.
Knees hurt..moving forward (stuck)
head hurt..maybe it is drugs maybe it is something else
too much salt or fried food...anger
gall stones..too much fried food with  cheese melted on it!

And they say astrology doesn't work!
I am thinking of astrology and its roots.
myth and psychology
the study of types

there are a few people walking on a path
they all come to a stream too big to walk over so they  would have to jump..
person one, doesn't hesitate, he jumps and keeps walking
person two walks away, it is not worth his time
person three has to measure everything first so that his clothing stays clean when he jumps
person four, sits on a rock and cries for a minute and then jumps...

My point is that there is not only a thinking stuff that decides things way before we do them and that  thinking stuff is you, us.
Jung accepted astrology as a reflection of our human experience. I like that because I think it works. that each ruling thought we give, effects us based on our mythology as humans and as a civilization only a little over a million years in the  making!
Astrology is understanding types..not predictions. I do not know about  all that. I can measure things and say that based on these events this will happen.
I know for example that the full moon makes people just crazy emotional..this last one..jeez..stop..
by next week, we'll be back to our giggling selves!
How about now? Good!


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