Thursday, June 5, 2014

true story and merc retro blast from the past

I had lunch  the other day with a man my age. Nice, clean cut.
He is a christian and we had  this whole big convo a while back..well this time I listened..he did most of the talking..
he knew a whole lot about current me, it seems like,
he only reads things of which he believes..
like Obama is not an American and his dad did this thing with a  or is a Muslim..

"I really do not care about any of them." How, how are these things going to serve me right now when I have to focus on my work and do it with intention
"You don't know Benghazi??!"
I put my head down.."no, tell it" so I raised my head while he explained some weird thing in the world about some guy that I don't know because I am tending to my own needs. My family, my business and my job, resting, the catherine tate show, all the good things::
"I wonder what will happen in the United States in the next few years?" I said absentmindedly.
"I believe in god, I will be fine!"
"Do you believe in hell?"
'I could never imagine a place where loved ones are writhing in agony , how could I enjoy  heaven knowing this?"
"What about all the other humans on earth?", I asked him.
"what about free will?" he asked me that:)
"just the fact that you say you have free will negates  meaning to a deity."
"do you think you're god?"
I almost thought he would follow with the moon landing being a hoax..:)

"er,, I mean something is directing me to speak to you right now"
Besides, I think the great saints and sages had an some idea of divine creation though the universe..the visible and the invisible..dark matter dark energy..still unknown..When a star explodes, it will likely feel like hell for about a millisecond..bamm, nothing but dust!" Even time and what we say it is, is not real..we made it up.

The thing is, when you put things in proper perspective, you simply know what has priority..
mercury retro is about sorting through what is real and what is you, forcing it to be real..
this means you only read material that supports your claims. Why worry so much about  others? Let them take care of their needs and you can do the same. Nobody is needing  or wants conflict..
Shifting gear gets harder during certain life..but shift you must..otherwise you get stuck in old theology, not free will and that does not serve the modern world.
Besides, if we can find a terrosit  hidden in a hole in the desert, we can find a birth document..right?
ha ha ha
we have so many sattlelights in space right now. that is how our phones work, out telly and our cars even..the moon landing is real..really real..
I love you :)

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