Tuesday, June 24, 2014

loving what you do and more notes on mercury retrograde

When you calm down enough to listen to your mind, you can do anything from there. When you let your emotions turn inconsolable, you look like a dick and people suffer! Is that what you want?
I suggest a funny book, anything that can make you smile.
Forcing outcomes may be more challanging than some thought.
Merc retro is triggering some past muck, it sucks,  it sucked then, yo!
Why?  So, so  embroiled  we get...gotten..got?
I don't know, but as we age and when we get past the need for sex, we make some mighty fine decisions based on real events and what we need to do now. It just feels better. maybe we aren't as scared anymore..fear is death, my friends..it takes hours of your life away.

Frustrated thoughts and pushing towars outcomes that "must" be true may be something you need to curb..all of us do..
Why attack someone who doesn't even matter because you are so scared of seeing what you have become? They never did matter because you do what you want, always, remember that, You do what you want to do always  and  because you maybe can't get out of the misery you have created now,  you might be psuhing youraself into a corner with the sun in your eyes...? Those are some thoughts  when very stubborn types challange me..Man, good thing..good thing,
I only surround myself with smart people with very good reasons..one, is, for sure not to be judged and looked down upon..but as usual  digress:) or do I?

There is evil and it may dwell down the street from you. Fours away (space and time) is nothing and I say build your fences to protect yourself.
"maybe that is what the walking dead is about", my friend asked me. I thought it was a profound thing to say.
yes, maybe  the vampirious wants to to feed off of anyone..anyone they can mold and hate on..
"if it is a mirror you want, look into my eyes, or a whipping boy, someone to despise" Sting sang that! Another awesome Libra!
All I know is this, burning bridges is no way to live because if you talk about burning bridges, that is what you are doing.
The heavy vibes people create do not need to involve you.
Do what needs done and do not loose sleep over things already done.
When an animal wants to bite  you in the ass, you kill it or run.
Fakin kill it already! What are you doing , playing tag with a viper?
Even they, eventually come out in the open..
My mom is an expert at killing snakes..as a child when we would go down to our garden to irrigate the plants, she would carry that ancient ax which she brought with her when we came here, she would swifty kill that thing..no thought..that is how she is with bad people too. lol.."ma"
ne moy nemoy ( means, do not do it)

~what needs done for me~
planing beautiful dark green myrtle with sweet woodruff throughout the whole perimeter of the place
thinking about palo santo soap
(what a strange oil..it is so wierd!)
I still have a few nuggets of jojoba bead pink graperfuit soap left..you should get one of those, they are refreshing and clean you but good after a hot sweaty day!

Should we talk about palm oil next?
Does anyone really care about the ingredients and why we make soap?
I do!

I need to make some notes about that, maybe we can do a little study together:)
have a great day!

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