Tuesday, June 3, 2014



As I am writing this, the internet is down here in Livonia..I’d like to give some of my impressions of June with Mercury going retrograde in a week or less.
Mercury starts getting ready weeks before it actually does it..so the time when Mercury is regular(hahahaaa), is the time we get the job done and prepare for adjustments.
Everything is learning, that is for sure.
Whatever lasting impressions we think we have made in our brain, change with our constant evolving nature. There is no way you can be the same this year as you were last year. I know I am not.
 I feel light, free of bondage from previous consults. I know I do not have to live for others anymore. When you do it because it feels good, it feels right, you love life. When you do it because you want something to work and  you are using sacrificial  forces to bend someone’s will..that is a no no and never has great results..
Yogananda said we should live for others and let them see our love..
The question is, to what purpose?                                                                                                              
I suppose I very much, have that in me, to serve with love..I like to:) It makes me happy!                               Things can go sour though. 
You give and you do and you sacrifice and show all there is to show just so that person will love you enough. Dude, if they don’t love you enough, they never will..no matter how much you show them that you do.
There is also a push for all of us to look at reality a little differently. What was real 2000 thousand years ago, is shown in a new light to us now. Look at us with our phones and our computers and our weird money issues.
I will tell you this..there is nothing to fear. You will take each step, do a nice job and clean up. Don’t  be one of those fuks who leaves a heavy textile article that cannot easily be washed on a milk shake.  Finish each task before you rush to the next thing.
(the milk shake thing never happened here, I was mostly making a point)

One of my boys will leaves the lawnmower  bag full of grass on his last run..I am like, “Wow. Boy!! “Empty that, will you?”  That is pure laziness all day! So what if you can quote things in perfect French, which he is failing..I am like,
” but he speaks perfect  French??”                                                                                       
  “Well, he is missing 2 or 3 assignments..” BOY!!! WTF!!” I am still going to make him cut the grass! :)

Ah, we're back on line..have a gread day, I am pasking orders today, thank you all for your awesomness to me!

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