Wednesday, June 18, 2014

see guys, awesome sauce

dr oz is questioned for being a douche and a mass hypnotist
the fak!
see, the law of cause and effect does not spare anyone..
it cannot be seen yet is the highest possible force
all true for me and you

The weather has been so crazy cold and the super hot and then big giant thunder..I wonder if all that electricity can make you feel headache kind of sweally headed?
I did stay up late watching the telly. the big boys were watching a radio show debate on what else, is god real?
see our civilization is already ready to put away certain mythology..but I found  it interesting that the callers used certain scriptures to prove that god exists..nice folk..the word "interpreting" came up about twenty times!
So, four thousand years ago some guy named Jonah said that there were things that cannot be seen and the caller equated that with god showing the man that atoms are was his way of putting his religion and his knowledge on science based on waiting TV..of course we all do! I listen to lectures all the time. The guy watched cosmos just like I did and it makes you more wondrous about god..
it was weird.
the atheist was very well quoted in the bible...but kind of yelly becomes obvious that these callers were not well educated and could only use certain words to convey their thoughts clearly enough. Public speaking is harder than you think.
I would have rather watched game of thrones, but what could I do but be gracious with company? I like game of thrones but I do not yern for it like the Dead, it will keep me busy until Walking Dead comes..Rick!!! Give me a zombie apocolypse anyday!
Orange Is The New Black
My friend just watched it so now we can talk about it..not too much, because she isn't done yet!
Who am I, Piper? Lets see, she is a soap maker, she loves whole foods market, ...humm she makes skin cream with cayenne pepper from jalapenios which she chewed up..ha ha ha..well, she is in jail!
and ewe!
I loved all the charachters in this soapie sort of story..Red! Is not Kate Mulgrew the bomb!? I love her! Early Taurus, she is!
After a hard days work, there is nothing better than a good clean up and settle down a bit. That is how you sleep good!:)))

In fact, I should go clean this kitchen up..there is perfume to be made...
I love you:)

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