Saturday, June 21, 2014

palo santo soap

Someone asked for Palo Santo Soap again, and I think I should make some.
I bought an ounce and i will make a little bit soap and see if I like it.
Maybe it is one of those soaps you keep going to smell and kind of not like it then later want to go back and smell again...mmm kind of no..
I feel like that about clary sage and jasmine grand.
I do not like citronella, with its powerful cintonellol and gerinol copounds..I feel like citronella ruined lemon eucalyptus for me in a small way.
I never want to smell like citronella, that is for dang sure.

Everything is lighter for a minute and I do not know why..I can check out planetary locations  but does it matter? Each day is new anyway, each moments  is different from the last and then all of a sudden (by chance)), some memorable event shakes us up and rattles our bones..I ask you this, How many people that you know right do are complaining about their feet? I must have heard planter faciatis 50 times yesterday! lol
Did you know that it takes our solar system 240 million years to go all the way around around  our galaxy?
Sometimes and for many thousands if not millions we go through nebulas that re seed us and changes us continually..

I feel like this is a seriously amazing process and once we gather our knowledge, all of us and forget about divine beings and such and focus on what is real. Our earth is divine and she needs us to be nice to her, she breathes and she loves us for real. she is our home. The trees know this because they continually help her breathing. I hope we all embrace wind, solar and water power soon  because our carbon levels are definitely going up and that is where we must take notice! Also plastic is now embedded in our rocks and we have left melted plastic embedded in the rock, they even named it something..please recycle plastic babies, it helps everything..
like returners..
how often do I see them at the desk returning things. Some, everyday or every time they come in..
what you think I am gonna wash the shampoo bottle  from your bathroom,? GRRRR
Just use it and wash the bottle. Oh, you want to try another one and do not have another 9.00 dollars?
I am so glad I am not that person! I have this alternative practitioner that comes in and I have been told he returns everything! He even watered down shampoo so he could come back and get more crap to return. It is like they have a sickness or something! Knowing this, makes me take more space between me and them. I will be cordial, of course, but now I have a thought seed planted in my mind about them..My divine earth mother having to take the poison for the sake of someones trivial need for never enough. Think about it...
I do not know, I do think about these things.

I know that I love trees. I love the sap, the smell of the floor at their kitty always smells my feet
she likes patchouli and rose i suppose:)
have a really good Saturday and come down and see me at my store, I am doing a whole thing on honey and royal jelly in food and skin care. there are awesome tasty things going on.
I love you:)

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