Sunday, June 1, 2014

creatures of intuition

most of us go along with the crowd because it is what we do. others do our best to stay out of the crowd and then we notice we've made a new crowd.
It all starts all over again.
We think we are smarter than we are.
I mean this; you can be a  genius philosopher and mind specialist and never understand consciousness completely.
I suppose that is god. The unknown which is not yet known..ah but the more you know, the more you see that you make it all in your mind..

One thousand years ago, men were killing each other with sharp objects, today they use a computer..and yet..we argue whether a little poison is bad..every summer Americans rush to the home depot to buy poison for the grass..Ever go outside after they spray that stuff?
No! It is harmful, please, just cut the grass and let it be  grass..Oh yes, I forgot, that is all you have out front..oye!!
I get to see many people through the day. Yesterday about a thousand..
You know what they do now(we do)??
They show you what they want in a picture on their phone..
not just some..all the young ones especially because they have grown up with these electronics. Everyone does it! Old, young, everyone!
I mean really, you can't say, "white willow"?
"Oh giad, they are about to spell it!" I think this as I smile..
("sweet lordess in himmel, and wtf, and omg dude!!)
You can't even care enough about what you will consume to learn the name of it?
It is gracinia is a fruit..ha ha ha ha
Sometimes I will tell them, "it is a fruit and you should really not listen to the tv so much"

Eating two apples is more, way more  filling as the material they put in that capsule..If you eat two apples in the afternoon, you will be full.
Eat a peach if you want to..wash it good!
Eat a half watermelon and you will be full.
Why are you spending all your money on pills so you can feel full? I would rather spend $30.00 on fruit every week then some pills filled with dried parsely..we're crazy!
You are wasting food space with  expensive fillers and then you ask me if this pill is free of them?
ha ha
The whole thing is a filler! Powdered fruit in a capsule can never, no matter how much of a percent of what ever poliphenol it has, it can never ever replace real food..polyphenols themselves are so many that they cannot be all names in this short rant and when processed with magnesium steaate, will be of lesser concentration of nutrients.
Be real food, say real words and learn new words that apply to us now.
Kosher, synthetic vitamin c..yea,  really??
I think we should make a new crowd of people who are not  bullshitting someone all day..
There is something to be said about doing something, each thing with the best intentions for all. Lets enrich our minds with real thoughts of success..goodness and fine energy for all and loads of money..for all..not all there is, but all we can use and give to others generously and freely..
I love you!.

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