Friday, June 27, 2014

typos and changes

I may have made it sound as if Iwas saying certain soaps are bad..non! Dude, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, that is for friend she lets me know and I love her so much for this!
I shouldn't care about artificial colors in our skin care but i do and I am passionate and that means fire and some feelings getting hurt..
after all this blog is not just ranting about life and wrongs in is about that  and more..

please do not be hurt..who am I, Gary Oldman?
he spewed and it was bad and bamm, he took it back..he is like these people butter my bread..time to kiss asses biggo!

so, yes, the emotions!
Let me tell you how awesome we are instead for a bit then!
 let me laugh with you and sing with you and if you were here I'd give you soap for your ride home!
a sliver or is the Greek way!

next, I would like to review Pluto Boy Body Butter
It has this way of allowing itself to shine later rather than starts with almost a thick honey cloud and then, later you get the sandalwood, neroli, rose..hidden, like all of his talents, ready, to shine on when needed!
may he ride the biggest waves of success and joy!

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