Wednesday, June 4, 2014

bug bites?

Get lavender oil and use it. it is the best thing for stings..suck out the poison with a nice cloth and salty lavender.
My friend taught me that. I use it for most things..
and boo boos
she said use hot as you can stand salty water with a generous amount of lavender..simply soak a cotton cloth and apply on really bad injuries. It works wonderfully.
 You need a lavender that will be a little more spiky in my opinion. I use a French one, organic now..but if you have mailette lavender, that would be great..I should buy some of that next!
It is so wonderful for hot muggy summers!

They make all sorts of sprays for bugs that you can buy at the health store..make your own!
Bugs hate real eucalyptus and geraniums oils..still I do not want to smell like geranium and euc all day either!!
In the morning when I work in the garden, I spray lavender and cover my feet as I work in the garden..since the grass is still damp, the moscas, they are all there, hungry and waiting for warm blood..I think that keeping the yard neat keeps them away..if there is a bunch of stuff lying around the place  with standing  water after a rain, they breed.
In Costa Rica, in really bad places, the government comes in suits and sprays each house while people stand outside..creepy, huh?
I had to wash every single thing after they left, the fuks..later, I still contracted dengue fever, anyway!
People ask me all the time, if I miss Costa Rica?
I do not miss that town at all..except the corn cake we used to buy at the little shop in the downtown there. You learn to love things in time though. I made good friends in that town too.
The woman next door who I could hear shower, that is how close the wee houses are, she would play Christian rock in Spanish and be a bitch all day. She hated me..all I did was smile at her too!
All day, that music blaring you hear me! I learned every word of every song..hahahaa
As if she wanted the world to know, her devotion to God, through, rock and roll..omg
memories!! She dressed like a dirty whore with the push up bra..half naked..she could..
(I know I have told this story before))
The family across from me had as many kids as I do, the dad would be sleeping on the  porch with the dogs on many a morning because the senora would not let him in the house because he was stinkin drunk..ruined from that sugar cane distillate they would drink. It took many down fast, that drink! I wish I had some Cacique right about now..I would make sprays with it!

New sprays coming up! Have a wonderful day.

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