Friday, June 20, 2014

the scorpio man

knows one big thing
loves a nice dry place
clean some times the only thing clean is them
to say the least
spends generously
will give you everything and then take it
when need be
ha ha
he is intense
he is
hold it in as long as it takes
thinks he never forgets but even he changes the story to fit himself now
how is he so in control and so far left or right..we'll see
this saturn in scorpio just uped the notch
he has to work
his head hurts
people know he is good
so they flock
some are repelled
he doesn't care
he doesn't want a taker a lazy fak around anyhow
yes it hurts when the leave
it hurts like a dirty bitch
which for sure the scorpio mind can be
your secrets are safe with me
except that one time every one knew
saturn makes us all see the hidden sides of reality
the deep dark corners where we keep cherished secrets
we think we do
our actions say who we are
scorpio vibes say wait, fix this first, wtf?
he will not be ignored but the tactics for some, these events are unforgotten
you know this and more
are you ten feet above us us all then?
what do i know except that i love you
you make me feel at home
strong like clan and son and mother uniting
like a good peaceful home
I want this
you know my heart
some cry when you are right and cry more when you are wrong
some one does
someone has to cry
(it cleans your eyes))

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