Saturday, June 7, 2014

mandarin baobab cream

1 cup shea butter (4 ounces in volume)
2 ounces baobab oil
1 ounce jojoba

melt the shea low and slow
put it in the cooler for about ten minutes
get your oils  ready
when shea butter turns opaque take it out of the freezer
begin whipping the shea until it is smooth and almost liquidish..
take your spoon and get in there and smooth it out some more
now add half of the baobab and all the jojoba
whip again on high until you begin to get what looks like a cream..
now you can see if you want a thick cream or a thinner silky one by adding more baobab..
(they both have a place)
add your essential oils and beat it one last time..

I like to go about a tablespoon or so for a size like this
I always begin with my basic one or two and then feed that blend with drops of this and that. too complex and I get confused..
one drop sandalwood can equal 100 drops orange and still come out on top

give it a few last spins with your electrical beater and Viola!
put it in containers and be free from chemicals and stupid additives! Who needs their aloe based everything with peanut oil? no way dude!
You can actually use this cream as an after sun treatment and even as a facial with on damp skin.
(it doesn't hurt to keep a nice hydrosol around for other times when you just want some light scent on your hands after a wash))
Do you want to add a little melted cocoa butter at the finish? You could but then your blend would smell of chocolate and I would work around that and not add things that would get in the way to ruin an expensive cream even without scent. raw shea is not for me either. But I have ladies who love it..fine! You know what you like!

the scent blend could go  like this
1 teaspoon red mandarin
1/2 teaspoon sweet orange oil (organic)
3 drops orange blossom absolute or neroli
2 or 3  fat drops sandalwood
1 drop jasmine grand (eden botanicals, awesome!!)
ylang ylang to taste..I have a really mellow cananga from White Lotus, so I used a 1/2 teaspoon, if you have an extra..I would only do a drop at a time. trust me on ylang ylang..cananga adoratta, it can overpower with too much sweetness fast.

check it out here if you want some of mine:)

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