Saturday, June 7, 2014

the fillers

ok now in skin care at the store you are reading Latin because we cannot say chamomile on a label, it has to say, "matricaria chamomilla"
It is like reading a chemistry chapter! Whose dumb idea was that? I mean I really do not mind understanding each botanical name can be fun..but most food do not read the label, do they?
I like to use all sorts of skin care that I make because I have never loved anything from the store. My mom is like that about restaurants. She hates restaurant food.
Am I turning into my mom..hey man, that wouldn't be the worst thing..but no.
I am not turning into my mom.
I wish I could be that straight forward. I love a woman who knows what she wants and says so! Dang it..
we hold so much inside and then when we finally say our thoughts, they comes out in a flood all at once.
This is a story about where we are going as a race of people and a civilization in this era. means, "To have been" huh?

So why would all those manufactured creams and such have to have each ingredient  both in English and in Latin?
why are they all so emulsified so  finely and with some acidic compounds we cannot get easily? Is this the kind of skin care we would stand for?
No! Common, no.
We do know what is good for us!
Why would we need a nipple butter  with ten which looks thirty ingredients? Just give me simple sweet, safe oils and not the  fancy cocos nucefera..but the organic extra virgin coconut oil.
It is some FDA thing for sure. they do not do it for food. For food, the label has to say the the basic nutrients and sugar and the  ingredients but not in their Latin name..
Why so many rules?

well one reason may be is that skin care can  be a bunch of snake oil my friends. they say words and make you think that their product will stop your aging and make your face glow or your hands look young again. But really, it is bad for you. Plus why would you want something with a list that long?

Read each thing you are going to rub all over your bod. You might find out that there is nothing real in there.
To me that is horror..ahhhhhh


  1. Amen sister! Would you eat octisalate or avobenzone. How bout some yummy octocrylene. I think I will throw out the rest of this clinique even better Skin tone correcting moisturizer..

  2. anything that ends in "zone" should be in the outer zone..xo