Thursday, June 12, 2014

super easy body smoothie in the blender

One of my skin foodie customers makes her own creams too! We shared our techniques with each other the other day.
She uses the blender!
"That's is crazy, it will stick all over the blender and there will be waste."
"no. it pours right out and sets."

I will try it..shea butter and coconut oil smoothie with vanilla..not too much vanilla so that if there is a mercury retrograde mistake, not too many dollars being wasted on searching for easier ways to make things. It seems to me, to be too good to be true and I might have to scrape my mistakes in a nice bath.
( I will definitely let you know)

4 ounces shea butter
2 ounces organic extra virgin coconut oil
blend until smooth and 
3 drops vanilla co2..gently now

("the one for the hair and skin", they will say..what do they think there are special coconuts made for hair?)
Read a book you twit, and get that phone out of your ear when you speak to me!)
You cannot get off that phone to ask me something important? Of course I won't care for that!
"sorry, I didn't know"
"again, get that phone out of your ear and give your attention to what you are asking for"

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