Monday, June 30, 2014

lavender mailette

At white lotus aromatics
it is on sale and lovely, today is the last day of his sale!
I swear I can feel the linelol and linolene.
it is almost thick:)

I love all lavenders but this one is perfect to me..
Bulgarian. too sweet for summer
Tunisian, something that does not agree with me personally..I like it has a after tone about it..
mailette lavender, perfect

In case some of you are wondering what happened to the limey salt soap with kombu, it will be back soon. The lemon oil and the lime will be here this week. I needed more lemon and lime so it is "off the market" for now like that  Russian woman that I know, says all the time!
" I have to look pretty, anastasia, I am on the market!"
 She loves nice things and traveling! What is it with Taurus and all this traveling? I thought they like to stay home and cook tasty food?
Every Taurus I know seems to know how to live right that is for dang sure and speaking of Taurus types and me..:)

Astrology is lovely until you get down to the if you have  certain types  mixed with certain culture, of course you get a certain archetypal types..
The mythology is not logical, you cannot possibly rely on a lion or scales..these are purely images we made for ourselves during times when we were just beginning to explore our consciousness. Which is why now in modern, times you have new ways to describe Myers Briggs who took from Jung..I love all of it!
quote for the day
" I rely on my mind's eye to be keen not mean"

I am packing orders today..I love you:)
have a great day!

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