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early windsurfing


world map 1550

I couldn't find the date on this one but they all seem to be similar

In just less than one thousand years we have gone from imagination to real things, technology, i phones and photographs with pixels!..and... yet some folk do not think about it like I do.
"oh, you believe in evolution, like butterflies and ...?"
he went he never thought about the real thing..Some think evolution and reincarnation are the same!
dude! We have no real evidence that we come back and I am not saying we don't..but if we do, then we should always come back better, richer, healthier and kinder...
People get confused. They think it is a matter of belief when them is the facts,yo!
Evolution is how we change and learn..
Reincarnation is how we wish we will end. Memories in our subconscious may be just memories in cells from our ancestors!

How many people that you know have traveled on a ship? I am not talking cruise ships, those disease ridden obsolete contraptions! I am talking traveling from Italy to America or Detroit to Chicago..
We have changed and for the better because we are no longer afraid of sea serpents..on the other hand..

We can be very closed and equate the facts with belief..something you trust without real evidence..and don't give me this thing that god talks to talk to you all day!!
your brain and your mind are the key.
For example, someone said to me, 
"I do not believe that homeopathy works." 

I know it works for me and my family. If I had  something like a major bone break I would not only use arnica but I would take advantage of new discoveries in bone repair. They would have considered that devil's work in 1550, you know that! Today we know so much more and yet we want other things to be wrong without any real adventure like learning of why they may be right!
My cat doesn't know from placebo effects but she reacts the way arnica says she will. It is my brain creating this scenario with no real scientific data to prove it?
I dunno!!lol
Seems to me if our cells have memory and  we inherit cells from our ancestors that have been observed to have memories then why avoid  the possibilities of something even smaller than a quark or hadron..they are there hidden in dark matter and dark energy continuously being propelled faster and faster, and, our brain is the key. I know this in my heart. lol
Look at us only 100 years ago.
The main physicist of the day (1880's)concluded that the earth was much younger than it is known to be now..over 5 billion years old. Lord Calvin did not question enough and we hadn't discovered radiation and so he was  wrong..but he fought for his right to be right instead of maybe saying, "oh? Show me what you have and lets understand together"
Arrogance gets you no where..but no, he was an arse now, wasn't he? 100 million years old sounded big to him and he didn't have all the data and he didn't want to now he is known for a major blunder in science..all true:)

I am just saying believing is one thing but not wanting to even test it seriously is a flaw.
Why, had we not continuously tested our theories for mistakes, we would have never come even this far. Look at us driving everywhere and being free from backbreaking work. the washing machine really freed women..ever wash clothes by hand for a month? It sucks, rhino dicks..mouhaaaaa

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