Saturday, June 28, 2014

kombu with lemon lime and clementine

I made this one soap with salt like a whole lot of people love, I might add. salt is wonderful and when you can use more and not scratch someones bumm too much, you've something scrubby but not scratchy.Also if you're looking for harder soap and refuse to give up palm oil, this is a better alternative..a really good one..salt and clay!
Have you ever seen the olive oil soaps from Greece or France, kiss my face at the store. Olive makes really hard soap..but yuckolla on the lather. Not for me..coconut oil added, og ev, gives me everything I want in a soap bar.
olive plus coconut plus salt plus clay a little shea butter is lovely too..a whole lot is better. I love a rich shea butter soap bar!

Something has changed in shea butter though. lately all the ones I see at the store  seem too smooth and a little thin.
I wonder if there is a new processing that makes it come in smooth. They do have to melt all of it, even the raw one..which I will not use because it smells bad. I do not want it on me smelling like that..This is why I like shea butter which has been refined a little. Choose reputable vendors who know how the shea is refined. It could  be hot water and citric acid or it could be cheaper and faster refining methods like hexane..your vendor must tell you the truth!
(many of of the topical cannabis liquids you see on the market today, use hexane to extract the thc drug from the plant, many growers do not understand about chemicals..even if they grow organic..I know this because they call my store and ask me for hexane, quite often..)
Why is hexane bad?
It can penetrate the skin's surface and carry other heavy metal particles easily to your body and somehow we know that these metals mimic estrogen and that is where the trouble starts.
There, many things can go wrong
I think that eczema is one symptom and I think it can cause confusion in the body to have to process these dark components it has no business doing.
The body has  enough to much!

If you want to carry certain compounds through your skin, you will choose easily processed oils like tamanu, rose hip seed, and cranberry seed..all very rich in omegas, and a natural nutty odor..
A lady asked me yesterday, "I would like a firming and anti aging cream for my face and it has to say, "anti aging"
Anti aging and wrinkle anti saggy ass
anti everything..firming, regenerating, brightening, tightening
I was really nice and explained about the ingredients being of high quality gives all the beauty one needs instead of  lables..they all use potassium sorbate at retail level..they have to. it is the law of the
Last week JLo was on some show and said she had been using dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream for years now and it was the reason for her fine complexion.. The day cream does not contain potassium sorbate, and it is packaged so that it stays fresh. I find the products a little to fussy for me  but hey, like I said, most folks want the label to say things and come in a fancy jar..
Good brand, great one, really. I love the tinted day cream under my eyes in the mniddle of the day. It just brightens my skin a little!
 We sold all of those at 35 dollars a pop. Gone, just like that in one day!
Thank you J Lo!

I like grease as much as the next woman. That is why I love coconut and shea for a nice face wash..
rinse with warm water
apply the oils on circles
get in the hot shower and rinse good..

Now can I tell you about the woman who called me last night and started spelling really strange words to me and I finally asked what are you working on that you want these obscure herbs I have never heard of?
"I am trying to tighten my Virgina."
I went silent for ten seconds!

"I can't help you except in one way "
"220 keegles a day and you'll be able to suck up a brick with that thing"
"I'm sorry, if I have offended you but you shouldn't use herbs you have never heard of and ones which have never been studied for such a delciate  area...There is a Chinese herbalist in Windsor, Canada..I do not know his name.."


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