Friday, June 27, 2014

the midas touch ale & part two

each time I make a soap, it is well thought out and sometimes takes weeks to make it right..or..what it needs to be..this is my creative process, I talk and I think and I sort oils..and thoughts associated with oils.
my right ear is popping as I write this..
this could be a refusal to hear or listening to too many tid bits of of information and not enough long term listening.
It is on my right and I feel it is a response to my daily life.. everyone wants to hang with me and tell me their story..they are all interesting. I found that I listened all day today and we sang some songs, ok, I sing,  in the back hallways of the store..they must think I am a nut..I was on my own a lot..I liked it. I feel like it is like the 5 of penticles, you are on the outside and kind of left out but you put yourself is weird..
One very educated woman in engineering told me she has horrible fear that when her contract runs out, she won't be hired in again..she is married to a guy who works so that would not be  too tragic. Maybe her bills are more than she makes..she came in to buy all new skin care for her face because she developed allergies to  everything she is using..
Now do you see why I am so ferocious about ingredients? Anything that is conventional is full of chemicals! You try to read the lable!
Like an ferocious dame, I am!

I couldn't even watch the In Betweeners, no gut splitting antics of British youth vaginas or dicks, or being bent which means being inappropriate rants tonight:)
I am drinking a drink made by a local brewery called Midas  is a barley, white muscat grapes, saffron..I have had two sips and my head feels spinney:) delicious and not like regular beer at all.
The other day i drank a perfectly dark beer made in palo santo wood. It was memorable, like a bread it was so thick, like that!
saffron sounds better than it is very Indian, very alkaline..I barely taste it here..
I want to make this beer with the palo santo blend i have brewing..I think it will add the caramel notes I am looking for..not a whole bottle of this beer, but a little bit to the soap base is nice.
There are soapers out there who only make beer soap. I don't much care for milk based soaps myself. I know they are popular. Every time I use goat milk it caramelizes, but the ones from the store barely look like there is goat milk in  them.
I wonder what is up with that?
Maybe they use a powdered version?

This is my new blend for July..
The Midas Touch
with palo santo wood, frankincnese, myrrh, templin fir and cedarwood, Atlas
there might be rose
I will for sure make a soap
it will reek but good
you will love it I hope
if it sucks, so what
that is the best what!
It will not suck..
it never has before
it is so beautiful to work with oils

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