Thursday, June 26, 2014

darker still more notes the dark moon

it beckons thought
you had better see what It wants
before it wakes everyone up

of course it is you

You say it is God ( I say that))
the Goddess
and Vishnu
and all of his consorts
(how disrespectful this method!)
give me kali
durga durga durga
give me Persephone over Demeter
who in myth, hurts everyone because she is hurt

what does Persephone do?
she uses her head and always figures it out and comes back
she makes deals
she is calmer than Demeter
she is in us
our brain with our cells having evolved for billions of years in to what we are now.
If that is not god, I do not know what is..water? Is god water? know what we do to it too big to think about this early in the  morning?
(I had to wake up at 4:30 for work))

use these forces now to your best benefit
if you made mistakes, say sorry, if you did good, do it again.
if you are on top right now, you are gonna fall a is better that way..say thank not think they will always be loyal to you or love you most..people come and they go. It always hurts..sometimes, you see them in some accidental encounter. they are still beautiful and dangerous. You can see it in their eyes, desperration or some crazy shit all their own.

be kind of course, but do not just open your life to the next thing right away..wait, plan, do, make it fiercely excellent..that is memorable, always..

Make a deeply sattisfying wish right now!
(mine is  "more for us")

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