Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the girl who is never happy because of mercury retrograde

it is always something..and do not think this is about you, even though it is and it is me too:))

She is the one who wants things.
I can tell by fixed habits in which  she must have things. Whether it be her taste in clothing or her decisions on life. she is fixed all right.
We all want things, that is for sure. When mercury is retrograde our creative juices get flowing and we want.
Well it takes money and dedication to getting your needs met.
I would first review why you seem to always go through this choice making when mercury is is like, dammit, I can have this and that and that and this.. i almost have to  force my inner self to lay off." No means no, inner,"

If you need that certain thing, I will tell you that this is the time to think about and not change too much unless you are gonna fix it more or break it more. I know this though, if you do a little something every day right now, you will be so happy in Mid July..that is the future self you need to consider. The July 15th one..think about all the blooming and all the getting together you will have achieved. if that means giving up to one thing that you love, I think it is wonderful.
If it is some life dicision you must consider, well, consider that nothing is a life can buy a house or a car if an opportunity crops up. Don't be afraid of has been erratic since we all started spinning around the sun together..mercury is also a diamond in the rough..and a tell lies to yourself...gossip is so fun too but share too much and your ass is out some alone time yo! It is so good for you..too much and you become changed and only create reality based on your own oppinions..
great alone time, a sharing discoveries with others is what it is all about..sharing..mercury is about being open and caring about  our, your vertual community.. world..there is a place for scrapbooking down the road where women get together and the raw milk guy comes to the bank down the road,  on Thursdays..and the  the little markets in town where people like us make things and share that knowledge with the world one healing beautiful transaction at a time.

Take gardening for example. My favorite!
Everything is coming up! Soon there will be vines all over the rough looking archway which is just for looking at because I have another entrance to the inside..:):)))) It is like a 6 year old built it!
So what, right?

The other day a dear soapie friend called me over to share some of her gorgeous Michigan wild plants, beautifully applied in a setting completely handcrafted by scorpio/ gemini archetypes..
they had a fire pit that blew me away..omg..and here is me, just starting to work this place on my own and now able to see perfection in landscaping..I thought is a kin to being like a  garden surgeon worked it.
she shared with me,
lung wort
wood poppy
lenten rose
blood root
wild ginger
and about ten other things, jack in the pulpit..I was in heaven!
I hurried home and put everything in the ground..the wild Michigan hydrangeas already have flowers too!
my place looks very rough, compared to their amazing awesome place but there is a readiness here, a sweetness to accept the wildlings and they will take root and become more and they will fluerish here.
I had three days off and all I did was dig and pull was awesome!
My place does look rough..
she has worked on her place for years, she told me.
I almost started a fire pit, I  was so excited.
Hold the this mercury and later, I'll find that I do not need a fire pit?
Every time mercury goes retrograde everyone gets oozy with wantin'!!!
I have been talking about building a wood stove for years now and still, this stove thing,  it crops up like an old juicy lover that you never really broke up with..mmm

I love you!

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