Wednesday, June 25, 2014

blasting off and mars opposite uranus

we are talking strategy
thinking to make a move
saying in your mind what is right
striking for good reason
by that I mean, do not start a war unless you get something good out of, love, station, placement in is all  here, right now!

feeling lost
void brain syndrome
making mistakes as a result of boredom

sexy boys and girls
frustration over silly things

what is so good about a war?
nothing because you want to get what you want without fighting
that is why you think things through
the thing about this transit is that there is much anxiety and words are spoken..
If you are doing wrong in any way aries, libra, cappy and cancer, it shows up..some Virgo type will catch you and every one will cry..
maybe it is sag type who can see a little too much tilt away from them..well, first thing is, don't cry..what do you care about some low life's opinion anyhow?
You don' are too smart and have learned too much to ever turn back to where you were on your back crying for mercy and not in a good way!
Are you remembering now?
Yea, I know..

take care of yourself
do a nice job
don't forget to be grateful in times of strife
everything is learning
your battles simply become a memory in your brain's theater..winning does not mean getting doesn't..

have a wonderful day
the moon is dark. It is perfect to manifest anything your heart desires..make it sexy, rich, sweet smelling and divine for yourself, babe..
choose the thing you want and love it fiercely
make it your mastery..
do you know what you can achieve right now..the forces are get to choose which way to go!
It is all is the best way!

I love you:)

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