Monday, June 2, 2014

sandalwood happiness

white lotus aromatics
Christopher and Suzanne are having a nice sale on sandalwood.
I bought a half ounce..
To some of you that may be a huge amount or not..a half ounce is nothing  for soap unless it is some really stinky oil like drop too much and it ruins hundreds of dollars of essential oils.
Yes, I have done that..more than once and not only with sandalwood or is is in the past..ha ha:)
That is why  I no longer add oils like sandalwood to I think it gets oxidises too easy to waste like that..a hundred dollars is a hundred dollars! I think sandalwood of excellent quality should be by the bedside as a last dab before sleep and as a dab before a project.
It is a  beautiful oil and everyone should have a little around.

Sandalwood, Indonesia.
It sounds wonderful..
I am offering some nice  things with this sandalwood.

a 2 ounce body oil with sandalwood and citrus
 a perfume with only sandalwood and organic jojoba
 a perfume/cologne spray, of  the above sandalwood citrus...
( I will be listing them through the day at my shop))

I love sandalwood and this variety is the same breed as the Indian, santalum album..yummmm
Chris says it is excellent and that is good for me.
I love you:)

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