Friday, June 27, 2014

new moon midas touch

I am loving the down time in soap making but it will not last. Already I have a list that is getting quite long. I will not hurry I will simply take my time and make great things..
I am often asked by my family if this is an expensive hobby for ( I need rose again and more frankincense))
and no

I have made some mistakes along the way to working with etsy, like the time I spent 300 hundred dollars so I could make a 25 dollar perfume for a girl who later said it smelled like petro! I gave her a refund and opted to be a little more frugal next time! If I have the oils on hand, the products will be on the menu, if i don't, I don' is just soap not some life and death mask! Right?
We have come to a time in skin care and soap making that is not necessarily healthy every time.
I do not think it ever was..there are always going to be raspberry cupcake soaps for the child in all of us..and the palm oil usage! Like we need to cut down more trees so that other animals suffer! Palm oil is a cheap filler that makes slimy want hard soap, put clay in it. It works..besides each oil has its own character and offers hardness naturally based on the  oil's compounds!
Like patchouli and vetiver always make harder soap.
This is where I go all True Detective on us..not the married guy, the other one, the one who talks about real stuff and is labeled "weird"...
He is a Scorpio Mathew Maconnehey is!

Back in the day about 21 years ago, there were few soapmakers out there.. Barbara, at Woodspirits (mastery))), that Sunfeather girl and many others who have come grandly and gone to make room for others..
Zum, they make beautiful soap,  they do! Some karma girl  here in Detroit who makes fake smelling soap..
 What is the point?
How about game of thrones smell, or vampire smell? Yes, I enjoy a dead smelling thing with a strong stench of iron from blood and sulfur..ha ha ha
I get it. We all want a gimmick..something that makes us stand out so we can make a few bucks, maybe takes us on a fantasy..
At the finish, it will not matter much..all that matters is effort and the creativity for for real..and your ingredients!

I had a wonderful web site back then..with grapes, of course! That Muse girl made the home page for me.
She said I was too energetic and intense and exhausted her! Ha!
I think she was fond of me. I did have tons of energy back then..I could skin a deer and make dinner in hours it was a good life..oh, yea, I cried a whole lot! Men!
I feel like you can let someone lead you to extreme uncomfortable life and is as if you are in a bad dream but you wake up every day and make it amazing..pain makes you do great things..covering mental anguish with drugs makes you say stupid things and do nothing..
we all have done both so do not think I am on a hill professing perfection in life.
It is real..all of it..whatever it is!

The Midas Touch? (touch everything and touch some things more))
That we can all have?
That we can thrive by the sweat of our brow?
That we can be great?
That we make new channels for passage
That we make a few great things not many common ones
This concept, I love!

Have a wonderful day!

())((oh, the inbetweeners on netflix..omg..raunchy and funny, I do not know what to say, (my daughter walks out, she can't take it) but it is wonderful to laugh out loud now and again..omg!!)))

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