Monday, June 23, 2014

"crop dusting is evil"

"oh but I would do that if that is all there was"
You won't dig a ditch but you are willing to poison our planet more?
How do I know you won't dig ditches? Why all I see you is doing nothing but talk about dying and how you can't wait and how you've been told that you will be gone in exactly 14 years 12, because this was revealed to you in a mystical session..
all I know is that if you want to die so badly, why are you wasting my time with your heavy and low  ideas. What is the point when all you do is think you are is pious and somehow more evolved than all of us.
who am I talking about?
does it matter?
Does it matter if all you do is sit in silence with your eyes closed and then the rest of the time you complain about how you can't wait to die all because this world is bad and you were a dick to everyone all your life and now your back hurts, you can't hardly walk and you look like shit because, you do not believe in all that "natural stuff" we hippies believe in.
First of all, it is not a religion! We "hippies" (although, I have to say, I have had a very sheltered I have!)), we hippies, know better about science and how things actually work.And a good diet is the key to everything and your face shows all of that..
Of course you should not poison our planet and work for those fucking killers who spread bad compounds on us, our kids and our tomatoes..and who take on everything as if god were on their side..
I guess I would be a hippie and why not?
I love gardening, eating great foods, homemade soap, talking and laughing with my Tonie, my gals at work..the two boys at fun and so sweet my life is..and my house is paid this month:)
The money thing, I have been dealing with since I left soap making a few years ago.
I had been put in a hypnotic state and saw some things that hurt and were scary..I feel like I should not have gone that way trying to see the future, but every year, I come out in financial comfort sunshine mode and realize I am super fine..everything I need is right before me..
Why do I  always choose the hardest thing?
I have a Capricorn Moon that is why..and i know in my heart, that if you do a bad job that hurts us all, you are not helping the earth and your fellow humans..
I know this, that, maybe you would feel better if you ate a salad and got off your ass. Go outside would you?
Capricorn is all about learning and more learning..once in a while you get one that dug himself in a deep deep hole and now is too far down to get may a need a shovel when dwelling in so much muck!
How else would we learn, I reckon..I know, carve out some will find something buried in there, a treasure or a diamond, gold, silver.. It makes for fearful life when you have experienced horror and lived. look at all those people at the border, right now.
Life is, can be, horror whether you are 'saved" or not..whether you trust in god or in god, that is  you in there.."hello, I love you!"
like we have to make deals with god now? Could it be that Jesus was in a coma and died a slow painful death in the south of France? He may have died on the boat ride out of that place..there have been rumors that someone lived in a village in France with her mother ..there is an interesting story, about the Black Madonna, huh?
Plus, people do not rise from the dead all the way to if they do, we cannot see is another dimension..something even in its reality is more profound than any idea I could at this moment conjure up..
So how come it hasn't happened again?
Because someone was so scared they made up a story. Remember Doubting Thomas? (was he a Taurus?)
Thomas saw the scars on Jesus's hands and feet and knew, that, "Yup, that is Jesus!"
"Ok, good, so you saw him? Was he walking?"
"OMG, yo, that is so good, it is a miracle!"
sorry, I can't help frustrating when all I do is surround myself with Christians..beyond this blog, I never bother them, they always come to me:) sometimnes I say things..


I am packing orders today..thank you for your patience and kind uderstanding about some delays at eleneetha's..Merc retro, juny, zap zone ..all rolled up in some mighty focused energy..loving you and being me..this is quite the gift isn't?

The Black Donnelys
(what is up with that guys upper lip?)

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