Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturn is in Scorpio having entered the sign on October 5, 2012

Saturn is in Scorpio having entered the sign on October 5, 2012. 
Look back then and see what you have taken on as a life project. 
You may find out many things about yourself and what you want.
Aries, you go get it girl and i say girl because they do stand out and are willing to conform to the regime and lead in a very awesome way. The men may seem not let that fool you. They are humble enough to do swell..I feel like the older Aries are confused a little. having maybe wasted their life serving something that maybe wasn't that giving back..
It can mean can mean waiting to die. having served your time in the field, the church, the business..
I know the queen is a Taurus lady and so I feel like she is reflected here in many ways..
one being, she is faced with these things and more. I mean she is 80 ish! Sheesh, let some one else do all the visiting in nice dresses and hats..
Aren't you tired of traveling and protocol?"

 I know, I do not like the idea of getting on a plane, like ever! 

As far as anyone else..ok...all of us..
we are all in the same boat. having to master ourselves in order to live is the point isn't it?
Living better? Being happy  for real and not waking up all pissed off at everything! I have known people like that..never fakin happy!
Sheesh, get over are an ant living in a colony and you know what happens when you leave the colony and go off on your own? Mostly you die, something kills you..look at the guy they found in the ice from 6000 years ago..he was off on his own..

I find that with Saturn aspects, it is good to go back 30 years or so ago and try to remember what was up then. If you are not 30 yet, take note of events now because you have 30 years to make it right, clean, loving and memorable..or else..
er um yea..there is a danger of  falling ion a pit of despair too..
drugs, and their effects and sexual obsessions..pride!!

allow me this idea with Saturn cycles..
you have the task as a is hard but you want to learn certain things and ask for them in your own way, the way your momma taught you and the way you have learned in your brain the way your dad showed you how to be proud of what you know...

so in youth you have energy and here in Scorpio we get to see how it has changed us in 30 years.. I feel like for Libra, it has made them more practical with money and able to make more with their words and strong will..some Libras are tyrants in the craziest ways..I  know one who thinks her dog is a human and will not allow her room mate to watch telly without head phones! "he will hear those things"
Really, Libra!!?
silly twats we are!!

so, two years ago in October, we began a life event that has slowly changed us, made us more serious, changed our diets and our hair and  perhaps allowed us to think about loving ourselves inside and making that real...

yes, we will question religion..and we will change of brains beliefs to reflect the evidence..not some club of better humans who get to not suffer in fire and brimstone..dude, no..lets all make gardens and say good things to our kids and laugh our guts off!

june new moon 2014 in the morning

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