Friday, June 6, 2014

regression to the means and katy

it means..ha..being at medium
your medium..
if you excel at something for too long, you get bored, and then you get despondent..even a thread of boredom can make you think and create scenarios that are not meant to be and overlook things that you should be still ecelling at..ha ha
Misunderstandings and downright lies are no way to run your life babe!
you know this and yet you continue to justify "your" anger, your feelings and your rough severing with people who you've loved dearly.
It is an interesting cycle of grow up, your head expands and it hurts when they leave. At around 20, you become more aware of being an adult, your high school friends move on, you do too. In olden times, people got married  when they left home. I know it was that way with my dad was a tyrant with me! jeez, the memories!
Basically you always go back and forth from your personal excellence..
It is an interesting reflection of our humanity and I think I am getting at something so simple it cannot be explained easily by me..

Katy Perry talked about crystals in some article I read.. and said that she carries quartz (pink) which attracts her a lover..and amethyst to keep them away..some thing like that..
anyhow she said she had a whole lot of therapy when she broke up with her mates..
funny, I think if she switches to lapis, she will find a long lasting wonderful mate...not quartz for Libra in my opinion..while it is an attraction for the child's heart it can also lead to over romanticizing and shallow type short lived love.
You can go to all the therapy you want to go to honey bunny and it will still take the painful amount of time to get over someone.."oh, I was thinking three months" Jeff, said that to me after his wife was killed at work...
No, think three four years  depending on how you've surrendered yourself, your trust, your intuition with someone..years..that said, you must also look with in and find adventure in new ways. It is hard, but you cannot go from one long term thing to many other short ones..before you know it, you have wasted body fluids and time..your time to find your personal best and stay within its range..
it is like a takes a week to get rid of it..the acetamenophen is for you:) to try to herd the takes a long time and no time in space and time..
Good medicine is when you go to the gym
read a book
talk with your kids
listen to them
they cannot always be left to their own devices
saying good words to them will make them stick in their mind for the future
be attentive to your duties
(be good to your future self)
clean up
fix up
(note to self, fix the mail box, it is broken, I have it holding itself together with duct tape)))

I love Katy..she is so cute and that come she sings for children? I must be a child! She is a Libra. We do not all look like that..I am more Jessica Lang Libra, right?

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