Monday, May 5, 2014

scattered roses mars in libra is so epic

It is dang cold and I wish it would not be. It is very sunny at the moment. ::)))
I went out there and started working in the the "yard" last week. I got really sore from lifting rocks and it was awesome.
You know how I like to work hard and then rest. At the end of the day I do not even look at emails anymore, my eyes are done working for anything but a good story..not yours or mine, someone elses.

Watched  Mad Men...great writing, dreamy good, loved the fashion and want to be Joan..actually I am Joan without the ginger.. but the tiresome wrong doing..and the smoking and drinking..sheesh!
Don Draper my ass, I was married to that guy! Oye!!!
Guys, be a good man now, healthy, honest and sexy and warm... and do not do wrong until you are fifty and your chest muscles sag to  become pious..yes, there are too  many bridges burned to go back anywhere. Only forward..
Mars in Libra helps us forget:) all that. We have already moved forward. We have crossed many bridges and seen the water flow safely beneath us and we are ok..
That no matter what happens to you, do not be a judgemental ass expecting some virgin goddess or a man who only will want you and no other woman ever..(the human ratio for fidelity is like what,(guessing here) one in a million, in Costa Rica, 98% infidelity)))
 Besides, who wants some pious judgemental lover anyhow and then one who cheats?
This letter is not about sex so do not worry, I won't go there. It was mostly the awesome portrayal in Mad Men, of American buisness and how they really said those things to their wives and girlfriends. In many cases at the same time..words have power, you know?

Now as far as I know from what I have read, Mars in Libra gets faster here in about a week and will stay in Libra intil late July. It is perfect to make yourself perfect and become more beautiful.
close your eyes
what do you want dream big
work hard
a man who does nothing with  nothing is dead weight
close your eyes
what do you see
how do you see yourself

***For scorpio and his solar 12th house it has been solo and sort of wanting to be, working or caring for someone. You love it but others may have  jealousy and lies..that again may be in the realm of judging by expecting too much from people...some scorpios are really working hard and always doing such a great job we cannot live without them. There is only so much time in one day babe!***

Libra is about getting your money in order even though you want to spend it all on flowers!

I bought a David Austin white rose for the garden. I liked this one because I was able to smell the scent she has. crisp, fruity, sweet, honey jam, pops in your mouth when you smell her! Your confidence exploding in your brain..from the micro nutrients in  its scent aura.
I put her in the ground last night and gave her tea made from bat guano(Jamaican)..I hope she is happy here and  now I am thinking two more  companions. There is a peach colored one but it does not smell. White roses are so beautiful and the old fashioned ones are so smelly good. The rose is my favorite got to see a few apricot flowers yesterday, they are so sweet and pretty. The rose is something just grand..
Before work today, I will go out and trim the lavenders and feed them. maybe that boy will distill white rose with lavender buds if we can..he said he is ready to make anything I want.
Can you imagine a whole yard filled with lavenders and roses? I am so in to having some summertime fun this year! Each year, I will add a few things so that in future years, the fruits of my labor will help others and in some small way and leave my mark. each year I should a sacred tree..I like the idea of trees and me near each other.

My want list grows..and I can think of no better place than where I am now with a few degrees more of sun heat..
Shouldn't morels be in by now?
I will go look. You have a wonderful day!

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