Thursday, May 15, 2014

hello and hello again

no not Leo..
not yet..

lets think soap and what were doing next. I have grapefruit ginger lemon grass basil and mint

basil mint for sure
and then it seems I saw an artist's  blend with  basil and  frankincense? It was holy basil which I do not have..I wonder how my organic one tests with frankincense? That sweet Rainy girl wants me to create  more basil inspired blends because her Thai culture uses it so much. I find it so head cleansing! Sharp but not cutting..soft incense and a shot of camphorous waves..what do I know??
I will have hundreds of basil plants this season if all goes well..It might just have to be pesto or frozen though.
Basil is wonderful, I know I have said it before but is there anything better than a tomato with fruity olive oil, salt and fresh basil? Yes, and  when it is out of your own garden does it just blows you away. Basil attracts bees, butterflies and keeps pretty much most bad bugs away..I have never had a one get eaten here in in Michigan.
The only thing, Rosemary will not survive the winters here. I would love to have her and I might just suffice to grow her indoors..thing is rosemary is semi wild..she likes it a little rough..

If we were to ponder on which oils would stimulate fresh mind
it would basil rosemary peppermint
I have saved us a few basil  seeds from last year and will grind them but good in my vita mix.
I am very excited about the soap menu coming up in the next couple of weeks..
I have the grapefruit soap coming and the "Kyphi" inspired potion which is brewing right now..
Today I added sandalwood rare, and more female tears to its oddly textured jelly..oh, man!

have a wonderful day:)

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