Saturday, May 31, 2014

needle park

I wonder if people that have homes near there are like, "I do not want to live around all this.."
 I should look into that..It might be like when people began moving out of Detroit..
When we came from Greece, our family lived in Detroit for one year. My dad said, "Oh, no no no, we no stay here!" That was in 1968. He got held up on his first day going to work, at the bus stop..
Now a days, they burn their town's homes all day there..There was a time a couple of years ago that there was a house fire every 8 minutes( 7 or 8))!!Seriously? I think you can buy a beautiful  house for one dollar there..and never leave it alone. Like in the jungle, where I live ved in Costa Rica, you never leave your home un attended..they take! Humans do this..How many churches and chappels are there in Detroit tucked away in what was once a strip mall and before that a bakery? I see many on old Grand River Road when I go in that area..chappels at every corner..

Not that it isn't down the road from me. (about 15 miles. That is nothing.
What a change though,. Livonia,  especially the old part where I live. There are still some wooded areas here and some very old trees. All of my neighbors are lovely..(to me that is they do not come over all day, I am busy)) it sounds mean but it is nice boundary you set up with people that live near you. I have lived in may places, these guys are awesome. Plus, think about it, I can only eat so much yellow zucchini.

There are changes in the downtown area called New Center, in Detroit. It is going to take years and  real effort to get that place cleaned up.
It is so pretty there too.By the river, it is so big, that river.
Rivers amaze me! In Kentucky, in Louisville, The Ohio, meets is so grand, really..
have a good grand!

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