Sunday, May 4, 2014

I didn't ask for enough?

Seriously, there is more?
Why didn't you tell me?

Hegel, Kant, Marx..Wattles..
Marx! I have never read the book..I should!
 I know that he wanted to abolish the Despotic, Oriental system of civilization..I can understand that.
Despotic means a father, right hand of god type of  leader  in the village and as cities grew, leaders are still in charge of the town city metro, state country church...
In Greek they still refer to the church leader as Despoti..with the big hat..and the Greeks, they are another story..

So I am listening to lectures on Hegel. I had to go back once to get the meaning a few times..
I won't bore you. I was inspired to get to know Hegel because I glanced through a quick little book called the science of getting rich.
His references were Hegel, Emerson..
 The idea is that is there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and in its original state, permeates and fills all the inter spaces of the Universe.. and that basically we are so small in all this and there is plenty for all because of the huge amounts and never ending spaces in which one can benefit...
In scientific terms this may be the dark energy we still do know know much only that it has gravity or  in other words, has electricity and is going faster as it is still expands to this day..and..this is all me and in my head but...our thoughts also carry this same electric charge or waves of maybe all these guys are correct..thoughts make you who you are and what you say and the things you ask for.
We are not asking for enough..really?
I love that! I want a wheelbarrow so I can haul my compost to the garden and three chickens and a beautiful
(((I want happiness through honest reflection
chill atmosphere at home
my art to continue to expand just like the dark energy which carries me..))) and not dark like an evil being ready to pounce on me..:)actual forces beyond what our eyes can see..yea, it is real and truth cannot be changed. a nutrino is always a nutrino at least in our Universe it is..
Hegel says we are never free because our knowledge and our habits and desires are dictated by what the society has molded our thoughts in to..Hegel touches on the Byzantine empire (which he thought to be corrupt) and looks at the Roman empire and how it took from the just assimilated and  Persian (oriental) empire..and in modern times, reformation..

The dude in the  getting rich book says to take that energy and know, know that you can have everything you want because god wants to make you happy..that he doesn't want you to suffer and that having more money is great because your health and happiness will be more the way, that does not mean becoming dead weight, it means doing, thinking and planning while you do..

I am not asking for enough?
I am making some new lists today!

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