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It is is a great show with really good actors! Awesome martial arts, cute actors,  Adam Baldwin.
Hey, er um ah, "Adam, you want to come over have have with me?"
He isn't related to the Baldwins like , Alec..How come that guy is always a dick to people?

Alec Baldwin is an Aries, born April 3rd, 1958

Adam Baldwin, February 27th, 62

They are both comedians but Alec, the over reactor, is obviously outstanding in the group..he has outbursts.
(not that , that has anything to do with a nice reprieve  of a show like, "Chuck")

The other guy from "chuck", Adam Baldwin.
He is so funny and kind of hunky but not steroid looking and he basically plays that one role..but, don't we all?

I love acting more more than ever. How an actor can make you feel emotions is like reading a great book when you were a kid. I  had to read so that I could learn to read English.. I read only books that would teach me about healing, like one time I burned my face with the fumes from this pennyroyal concoction I had made..
People thought I was boring then..

I look at the Piscean man as being amazing because they can be in the background and still stand out. And always, they seem to have that way about them that says, "trust me, I am me, right here right now but that doesn't mean I won't cut you!"

I keep saying Capricorn and Leo..but still,..not yet. Do you see that everything is fine?

 I need more time to say what I am thinking..

Let me tell you of the rendering of the frankincense tears.

I started with about an ounce of tears and one small spoon full of sandalwood balm that I made for cappy, my cappy, my sweet mommasitta..
I let all the oils with in the balm melt and then watched as the fresh tears of my most beloved tree, melted easily and gave me something.
The balm I had used was also with jasmine and when melted, just makes this stuff so incredibly fragrant. I have added more tears (of joy) but no other carriers or fats to what is now mostly frankin jelly...

What is the next thing?
I must strain, the potion  and put some aside for KYPHI (with raisins and a young wine which was gifted during the full moon))just out of the blue))
I will use the biggest raisins I can find and then, we will see..maybe I have to wait untill my grapes are in and that would be Samhain...
For now though, I will take my time on this.
I bet this type of extraction with just a touch olive oil would help the skin tremendously. I would add essential oils of frankincense and little olive oil in a balm. One could whip that further along into a shea butter carrier.

I want to perfume it.
I want to add to this some meditative twist. Something that takes me to the temple of my minds eye..
so far, I have been just scraping a little bit of just that at night, with a is creamy like that...I  haven't slept this good since the last time.
I fret over nothing.
I know everything is fine.
I know I will do my very best that is why..I do not fear outcomes.
Sure my adrenalin gets going and I rant for a minute.
Now we must work, we must plan, we must clean up our dens..

I'll stop :) because I must go plant sunflowers! Have a good day.
I love you like in "tears of joy"

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