Monday, May 12, 2014

Capricorn ideas continued

Now about my Capricorn and Pluto thoughts...

the positive things are;
clean living
great conversations
learning galore, physics, astronomy, philosophy, all the classic, elegant lovely things you love..books..go get them and even the grody ones, you love, don't go asking me what one persons grody is over another..I am more like Walking Dead grody and you are more Jersey Shore grody..:)lol
great body
great skin
strong stellar deeds
positive opportunities
be a real leader people follow because they want to make you happy
they want to give you things
money they give freely
Pluto potion
Pluto is suave
Pluto power
 your third eye
bones and teeth 
underneath the skin
kidney lung tonic

lower plutonians
your third eye,
the inner mind making it right when it isn't
cold taking
lazy thinkers so rigid that__________....
too much pride
being trimmed
bones and teeth
kidney lung lazy..go get you some tonic
clorella detox for a few days or spirulina

it is all good
I will make you some potion
my capricornian plutonic creatures
my "angel butts:)"

I am brewing it up now..
a perfumed capricornian attraction potion...

let us all, fill it with intentions and create particles of energy with attract more goodness
more great food all the gold you could ever require and more after that!
There is more than enough for soon as you think of it, gravity will attract all the forces toward the thing you create in your mind.
 Make it good, yea?

Plutonian Suave Perfumed Balm
sandalwood (rare)
jasmine sambac
vanilla co2
distilled amber resin one drop
orange blossom
steeped in California avocado oil 
with some antioxidant super seed oils..

It is a solid perfume. It is heavenly!
I want the oils to linger on you until later:)))

There is a lovely dry off where you get the softness of sandalwood lingering with hints of jasmine..I love jasmine, I do and with sandalwood, jasmine is incredibly satisfied!

 on sale soon at 

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