Thursday, May 29, 2014

happy new moon

I love Gemini!
I work with one of the best beautiful Gemini people I have ever had the pleasure of working with!
He is spunky, gorgeous!
Air people are like swords..they do not beat around the bush and Gemini is so freeking charming, you cannot be mad at them. it does not hurt that they are among the most beautiful people on earth! When something is pretty, you smile is true.
Look at them all stylin! they can find a flaw in any garment and not stop thinking about it.
I have one of my own at home too..
"Mom, how do you like my new shirt, snazzy hugh?"
So cute!
I do not think he actually used the word pertained to that effect..snazzy.
My Gemini can be quite intelligent.
I feel like taking advice from another air element is awesome. And gemini gives new perspective.
Funny thing is how you get what you want just by thinking it.
Five years ago, that job had some dark people who were not raised right, running things.Now, it is nothing but kind, like minded people. I love that!
Not all like minded, but basically all good hearted..the drama weavers don't fit in anymore, they look rank and smelly always bitching about  something..
Look to your own task honey, do it with pride and joy, not reacting to other's drama..
it is better.

We laughed so much My Gem and I..
The Dark Moon seemed to have brought out some emotions in all of us. Some told me they drove to work crying..awe!!
I told him  that I went on a rant and may have shockingly hurt a few feelings..
"because of dog poop girl!" "whaaa"lol
"awe, lets go see"
sure enough, you open the first soap page on etsy and he/she is there with said soap in his/her hand..
You know what happened next?
The other boy I work with said, "i wanna see it!"
"oh, weird, does it have scent?'
"sure enough does, sonne, it is chocolate!"
we just laughed and laughed..
"look, he makes really cute things, like pop corn soap."
Turns out, this soapie makes some cute things..the gem pointed out how cute his cupcake soap was..and true enough, it is all cute!
I wonder what kind of person buys that and gives it to their dad? Gross...
I think Gemini vibes can be soothing.
You  have cool recollection of pending future events.
You expect others to be frank and worthy
and very clean, because Gemini loves sparkly..
of course some are shallow because of mental laziness. They are very precise at that one thing and do not give a crap(ha!!!):)) about anything else..we all have our priorities..


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