Friday, May 9, 2014

what did i tell you

ha ha haalol... so much, I have told you.  lol

one's value
I work hard and I believe I give more than enough to my jobs..I took a personal day from retail( today:).one must get off the animal farm if he can some days...I am thankful that I could!

I am making shea butter cream.
more sandalwood vanilla, so yummy.
Babies, it is sandalwood xoxooo
 I pay the same price on oils  you would pay, sandalwood,  about $80 dollars for 1/4 ounce. Now you see why I want it all the time!
That is why perfumes are so expensive. How much rose do you think you can have for $13.00?
About a drop is 5 dollars a drop at best..the bottle it comes in, $ 1.25 and the other oils to carry its sweetness another 5..
That is why I raised the prices on the two ounce bath oils to $17 and even $25 or more  for the finer preparations with neroli or rose. I ask for more because it is in profit we gain and give more..appreciate more and feel desired more.

The Strange Girl blows me away..just lovely and she sells a whole lot. Lindenglitter  found that girl and showed me her stuff! Just lovely. $90 bucks for 10 or 15 mls of essential oils in carrier?
I wonder how she does it..50/50?
That is not an everyday thing then? Unless you do not mind spending $90 bucks every month on something you love..people do.
They buy booze or cannabis..vicadin...the expenses add up..((())))
When I go to a perfume web site, I am always amazed at some prices for fine perfumes.
Not only it is expensive to make a good one, it is also time that makes it good and gives it its complexity,  its value.
 I am  glad I am in a place of more skin care  rather than perfumes, though.
I choose this because, I am a soap maker who likes botanicals and herbs. and I want things for everyday not just sometimes..
Everything, I like, but I will not be doing custom orders anytime soon. It makes me stressed and and that makes me loose some intuition and wastes my money and slows downt what to do next. It is the Libra way..
I will speak my mind,  through my blends and heart notes! My must be this way to succeed..The ideas, yes, they can come for others..but the final thing must be me..
me me me
ha ha ha

What if I make rose hydrosol this summer?
That will be enough for me.
 Man, I wish I had some ambergris!
Wait, I do, a few grains..vanilla sandalwood ambergris beeswax balm?

Stay away from jerks, they suck!
Be nice and say what is on your mind, though.
Some people can take the truth..some get a stomach ache, or both.. it is Mars surging and spinning and getting himself back on track. The stubborn angst you may be feeling is only a temporary glitch.yes?
stay cool my babies, there are good things always!


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