Wednesday, May 28, 2014

etsy rant ancient chinese secret hugh?

Sure, your formula is an old world family recipe!
Because every peasant in the village has access to palm oil and fresh organic coconut oil..
You lie to make a few sales on lie about anything you can to make a buck..
magic potion to make money
magic potion to make dreams..
this is the same snake oil we've been sold on for many many years since the ice started melting ten thousand years ago in Europe and then,  when they (we)came to North America, they (we) have evolved in to bull shit  bakers.

We must like being lied to. I may have done it myself a few times..but I get so annoyed with pedestrian claims. It is as if we want to be stupid! Oh, yea, magic happens..but it is subtle and hurts no one..unless you conjure up some freak of a mate who sucks you dry and then goes on to the next shmuck they can bang on!
They do not even do it on purpose. (most do not))They just do it automatically..and I know I have a thing, but the dog poop soap girl needs her ass beat!!!!
Please, somebody, go over there and take that thing out of her stinkin' hand and smash her face with it..why??

that is all:)


  1. Who is the dog poop soap girl. I hope not yourself. You don't need your ass beat. Energy is magical!

  2. energy is magnetism and elctricity, they are the same..and I agree, energy is magic..words are magic and pumped with energy..