Monday, May 12, 2014

words and what we want a few words on Capricorn with Pluto

Words make us laugh and they make us cry and we use them to get things.
The important things are, which words you think of before you say them.
Do you tend to say more things when you are mad that  you had been thinking all along but when things are good you just say anything but, as  not  hurt someone?

The engagement with Pluto energies has us forgetting to watch our, of course..I want to say things everyone should think what if they may be trivial or nothing like the rules, well, what?
The rules are put in place for the better not to torture the people you say  you love.
That is the capricornian lesson all day.
How mean are you behind the smiling face?
How punitive are your motives that you make up words to justify your rules and the way things must be,ok
Mothers, fathers, bosses, we all do it..
We humans flock together and work together towards something a center, a celestial center..How different are we from bees or ants..our life form creates .tribes, cities, to serve its center..its despotic center and very very old evolutionary tactic we developed many thousands of years ago in China..way before the ice man got caught in an ice storm, about 6000 years ago,  after he had been stabbed for going too far out of his village... and by the way, The Piramids were built by slaves, not alliens..creatures from other planets  would be from another gravitational force that might kill them as soon as they hit earth..gravity is amazing like the darkness of  space, there isn'st any and yet you are carried and very  quickly still to this day..outwardly expanding. Life like ours  takes about 12 billlion years to form and it has to be just so..but each star creates its own specail two can possibly be the same..a few degrees here or there with a bigger or smaller star changes things drastically on the surface of each planet..those are facts we cannot deny!
Every though and behavior  else is subject to our own our minds.

My conceptual thoughts  may sound like anger coming from me. I do not feel angry..I feel like once again in my Capricorn Moon way, I can see people for who they really the girl who fakely says hello to me at the dollar store as she is training the short non blond girl how to work there..
I get it, she has to say "hello" is so fake however, that I don't feel rightly greeted..that two seconds it took her to say something each time, so fake..makes me want to get away from her and get my sponge for 3 dollars:) and split so that I can hurry home to scrub something clean..
It scares me a little..What would the right way to say 'welcome to the dollars store"sound like?
Everytime..she does that..awe..She wants to do well and maybe it is her way to make sure her workers aren't "just" stocking shelves..
everything is learning..

I will say hello to everyone and thank you.
I will even greet the despoti..fakly because that is how he likes it..ha ha ha lol

I love you, thank you for reading my blog:):)


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