Thursday, May 8, 2014

the ants

I have history with ants. In the jungle it was common to get a whole hive in a matter of minutes like all on one door, thousands of them.
Bugs love to swarm, so do we, really.. look at cities.
I have had some scouts of these little auntie  ones try to come in and make a living here and I keep them away with soapy vinegar and lemongrass oil.
Today I started to get some new visitors who are ready to make a living. Big ones and had I better vision, I could see their faces. It had rained yesterday pretty good and they came out..
I had to bomb them with eucalyptus(neat) and the rest had to be squashed because they were too fast to sweep in the dust thing..
ha ha ha
I chased them out, hear me?
I also told them they couldn't live here, lol...after that I went ahead and  used eucalyptus and a damp cloth to just swipe the walls so they wouldn't come back.
I had to, no ants in the house!
I used two ounces eucalyptus for a bug job on a damp cloth and I then went and swiped the perimeter of the house.. and,  there is no poison, just better breathing.
I bet a little lemongrass with euc would be nice next time, if, if there were a next time..

I am telling you right now, it is going to be a good day.
Our intentions are clear and we want what we want..admitting we are a jerk sometimes is ok..say sorry..
life is sweet!
Do not be cheap..give and be swell and find your proper place in your life and like an ant, do not barge in where you shouldn't.
Those are pre mercury retrograde ideas our of my head.
The truth will come out in any event and I think we may see a  quiet revolution here in the United States someday soon..I think that intelligent people will come in a be logical and concerned with wealth for all, equality is another thing see?
Wealth for all is better. It means there is always enough for everyone.
 Humans must nurture our proper place..finding it is our task.
Being there always is an art..
I want that!

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