Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I get to change again and so do you.
Aries, I keep saying this to all of you..
do not try to change another person..so the fak what if they like Mily Cyrus, what is it to you?
ha ha haaaaa
no really..
You know that you do. You want to change your lover, spouse, friends. Not contented with some of their past and current behavior. When you nurture mistrust, you will get it..it really does work like that.
It is all about you..lol
Sag is sort of like that and Leo, oh, yes it is about you..a little longer now and innevitably,  the edge will disolve in awesomenes  for you.

I will walk in a room and say something because I cannot shut up and even if I wanted to there would be a little lady waiting to speak with me.and Sag  thinks it is about him and I will say, that yes, yes it was..:)

I have a PhD at whole foods by now if there was one for it, ha ha haaa
Not in a corporate sense either.. I just pretty much know details that my customers come looking for.
I am certainly feeling like I have mastered the art of working for the man and  myself before I ever go out of my home..I do for me and you..
Two things always, with Libra. Would I love to live on a mountain and just make soap?
sigh..not yet..and my mountain is really a lovely ranch in livonia..( I bought another old fashioned rose..I am like an crazy person with the roses this year))
That part of my past was wonderful in many ways but those days are long gone, my friends. I took a whole year just to do flat breads and crepes and the monkeys would steal my dough. They loved wheat!  One time I decided I would not use any fuel and cook only with  fire wood..so the first day, I had to go out in the rain to start a fire just for tea and I cried..ha ha LOL..
" why don't they just pave this place?" I was like I Love Lucy crying, "whahhhh"

You can only live in the now even if it is fun to remember the good times and set that asside.
The past is gone, it does not exist, the future, no, it does not exist..it is now, this is where you are now...remember that next tinme you think about someone and your hearts tears in two because maybe the past you have in your mind is colored by your impressions now.
conciousness is so spectacular in its complexity..it is..

The  thing with clothes is that I seem to attract garbage bag fulls with the girls and my friends..I need a whole new room just for clothing.
I guess that would be a walk in closet..hahaa
 I will fold my clothes soon, I have to. Do you ever just re wash everything just to refold and put it away nicely? I like to use essential oils mixed with a little vinegar in the rinse water.. yea, It stays that way for what, a week, two?
My project will be to find creative ways to have easy access to my wardrobe in the space I chose..

It is sunny today and I hope you are...
I am making organic eucalyptus and salt soap this week. I am so excited. I have been wanting that and, Bamm, somebody throws money at me for it!
That there is the good life my friends because you see, I am a simple woman!



  1. Sometimes when I read what you wrote, I feel like you're talking to or about me :) Not like paranoid, but that what you're saying is meaningful to me. Thanks for the perspective. Love.

  2. you are sag:)
    I have sag rising, my friend is sag..
    with sagitaroius you we usually have capricorn and scorpio planets surounding us. Our experiences are never going to be light..(I am so heavy, man, my feet hurt)
    heavy and rare thay are..i have seen some of your work. the kyphi study you did was marvolous!