Tuesday, May 13, 2014

clean up your chicken coop and the scattered debris of mars retrograde in libra

I am going to ask my work mate  with the chickens, if I can come over and clean his coop so I can take all the debris and compost it...he might have moved on from chickens because last year it was bees..He is Sagittarius. They seem to want to do everything and then get in way too deep and come out of it or loose interest, he studies it until it is done and moves on to the next thing...he hasn't said much about the chickens so I won't rely on this for my dirt enrichment..
Last year's dirt is dense rich black and organic. I made it..it is so nice I planted pumpkins in  all that black rich loveliness which if I may repeat because i am so proud, I made,  so we can have something nice for samhain. xoxoooo

Everything is beautiful this time of year what with almost all the trees blooming. I always find that so stunning. Magnolias in bloom are ridiculously beautiful and if it rains, they only last a day or two..no rain..maybe a week.That is it, blink and you miss it. Rage and worry, and you miss everything.

I am reading the news this morning and wondering  about the comments. I read what people have to say..
Dude, how is always a fight with Jesus?
Now the anti depressants and how dangerous they are for the brain. One scientist said it is like a lobotomy so that it renders one not to care  for the good or the bad..
And then in the comments, some person brings up jesus and they all start fighting and blame some dumb ass that says the Holocaust wasn't real and that if you take Jesus, he will guide you towards the best drug for you, with a physician's guidance of course..
Why would Jesus not simply make you able to deal with life and death easier instead of making allowing the rules to be made by a bunch of woman hating cave men..
Don't get me wrong. I am not a feminist at all!
It is not a battle.
I'd like to see us get it together and although some of the damage we've done  can never be replaced or fixed, it is what it is..
We will one day, some of us will know the truth..based on facts and evidence.
Now I think that the gods are made for us to reflect a distant memory, a learning or maybe a wish..
But if you think there is a real Ganesh or a real Jesus or a chosen people, based on no evidence whatsoever..humnnn
no..none of it is real. We make things up all the time. besides, language is what keeps things alive, and language is always changing based on our understanding, new words must be used to explain new evidence so what ever  you think today, will not be what it was back then because when you speak in a language you get the feeling of the words..that is why English is so rich and the Earth's language...

Gravity is real, water is real and so are the complex enzymes and amino acids made in stars..and..that made us..
Is there  a divine creator like the god we've made? It is nice to think so. maybe God is in the flower and the chicken coop..

Back to the drug thing..I think that yes, if it came to the fact that you must have them paxil or the cymbalta..
who am I, a philosopher?
I see is that depression can stay is you let it.
Some times you have to suffer and feel.
People suck, death comes knocking and dang it, religion really sucks..
How does god want you to inflict pain and suffering on another for his defense?
It is ridiculous to think so, honestly!
This perpetual lie has been practiced since the 6th century when all records indicate jesus would have lived.
You mean to tell me he couldn't come down one time when all the people were burned alive for him..wtf Jesus??
One lady said that jesus is guiding her  with the paxil and she has no worries now..
so he has time for that does he?

ha ha ha

Mars retrograde can mean aggression due to your beliefs..

believing is one thing
measurable evidence is another

Great foods for sadness
Goji berries
They are red and they are tasty treats which make you happy naturally..

"GO JI for yourself!"

Navitas Goji = happy mind
Clorella = removes heavy metals like lead
Propolis = buzzy active mind, intent on the job
Honey to propell

I love you, the real way, my own power my intentions true and loyal and graceful and kind
I love you because you shine
your words from your creature mouth make me happy
I laugh and I cry and you are near me always singing a song
always the best ideas flowing and both of us knowing

nothing and everything
we are all that

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