Wednesday, May 7, 2014

near future star movements

I am slowly very slowly becoming a star gazing astronomer with a mythology base:)
I love astrology and now I am understanding that star movements shake us up  but we are so small that we rarely physically feel it.

In June Mercury goes retrograde later in fall there will be a nice fire trine going..Leo, Aquarius, will have a lift and once again develop true confidence without having to convince any one that he is confident because of is art. he is confident because he knows he can and doesn't want to right now..
they do not call it a Pride for nothing my friends:)

I was looking at all the planets today and each day , I find something new in the I can feel the asteroids when they come close to earth and I know that my seeds are all going to sprout in the next few days.
It is good!
 Mercury will go retrograde and you should chill out and clean up now so that you do not have to remember what to do later. Do what you have to do right not stuff things in a shelf and then other things on top..that means also in friendships and in your food intake.
it is really easy to just stuff yourself now and then forget what you ate and then bamm,

across this nation
lack of education
or motivation
too many temptations

instead of that lets do it again
laugh in the morning rain
do not react in anger
do not react at all
of your real
and how you want to look and be to others
close your eyes and see how you want to be
what you want to have
money allows you to have the best things
you should ask for more

smiling make you want to eat is true:)

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