Friday, May 30, 2014

now this is magic, no?

teleport me
Physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands were able to successfully "teleport" information over a distance of 10 feet,

That is so incredible!
I means we know more and more about what we are!
Sadly there are a whole ton of damage already done. I hope we can think about what we waste from now on.
Not everyone can compost, but dang man, people who buy everything just to try it and return it, aren't thinking right..all that stuff piles up..humans tend to forget some really dumb using lead in everything well in to the 20th century! Can you imagine the mind control factor that heavy metal must have? Today's high thinkers have less lead in their body..we all have less..Maybe that is why we can now learn with an open mind instead of follow with pride in our god(s).
I like to  live  in remote parts of the  human herd but still close enough to get there in short time.. I "heard" one scientist refer to humans and a "herding animal".
Have you ever seen a fast video of ants and humans  in a busy downtown?
I don't know man, they look  kind of alike to me. 

Look at the real explainable magic and very complex way in which we exist and you can really get overwhelmed!
I am here to say that our mind is amazing. I wish I could know  more about this and practice my amazing potentialities:)!
Can you imagine that you have an up to or more radius to make your thoughts move things..dude? Then, what is an aura? Remember when people made fun of us/er/me, for that?:)
Think about ten feet of power you can't see but put on others.
Think about that ten feet every time you invoke an energy, a vibe.
Your thoughts create everything and really make up for who and what you let in to your ten feet,
Happiness makes you smile more and sadness drives people away..
laugh it up, now babies..we can't work right untill we dance!! Up to ten feet!
Energy is really understandable  magic..we should make it a nice place, right?

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