Wednesday, May 28, 2014



I understand all too well about creative rights and all that.
I am just talking, no one is fighting to the death ha ha

I hope you are all well on this rainy Wednesday.. It is nice, everyone is growing out there and soon we will have all the glorious summer time foods..tomatoes, cukes and so many salads with fresh cold pressed fruity olive oil..I've heard over and over that  the Tunisian organic olive oil  in the can at Trader Joes is beautiful in a salad.
There is nothing more "magical" than that to me, yo!

I am almost all out of soap. This is exciting for  so many means making the Old Whore and thinking about what to drench her with next in an oil.. The chypre drencher is almost all gone..maybe three more maybe four..I am glad you got one.
My next scheme which I had in my night visions, you know, the prep time when I lay down and think about what I want to make better. No, not to think about smashing the dog girl..about other things.
My sweet friends and my awesome ladies and men who love good soap..
I told a man at work who flirts all the time with me that a man has to use my soap to be with
 that guy wears so much cologne to mask his alcohol addiction, that, well, no...I like a man drenched with old whore and me..not some rank smelling sour breath liquor face. (man, I am salty today:)))
What about you?

So I have been studying Chypre some more..what? Did you think that all I to is bitch about religion and etsy? The Sun is in Gemini, It is the best time to rant and rave..and talk it up.
Clear it up and clean up. If ever was a better time to make your place nice, it is now..your ideas clear, your intentions pumped!

Old Whore Soap..perfect, all the oils are here..
Old Whore Drenched with Chypre In The Woods
she will be chypre base and after a curing period loaded with
more sandalwood
palo santo
templin fir
siberian fir
one drop ylang
one drop lavender

have a good day :)

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