Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the sheep the flock may be a little disturbing

Ever kill an animal so that you can eat?
I did it one time and I still feel bad.
I mean chickens, pigs and cows.
When we lived on the dairy farm they would eat the small males and let the females live..they have very sharp knives so that the animal doesn't even know what happened. The pigs, they know.

Herders we were!
In 2014 and in any city, we are so far  removed from what a real sacrifice they were talking about in the bible really means. Think about it!

Two thousand years ago europeans and the peoples of empires, they were herders.They would have to kill the lamb once in a while and perhaps felt a deeply painful feeling when slicing the neck of a sheep or cow. Many did not even know know they were part of an empire so remote and never having had to answer to anyone but their tribe leader, if there even was one. Small families started to grow and have more babies.  They raised animals so they wouldn't have to roam looking for food. They raised grains and fruit and sheep..lol
Not the kings and rulers (despotic), the rest of us. The king, we are his flock. (common! even the language is archaic))
The king is the one we must adore because we are his flock..and on and on..

Today in 2014 the sheep are gone except for a few ..most of them. We get to see them on a nature documentary.
The cows will be gone too and likely grown in controlled secret facilities..some ass hole said you cannot let your cows eat "the government's" grass which is just sitting there! They both have guns and both are likely to be christians.
Some other ass thinks Obama did it..
And the clergy people put on their robes and tell us we are the flock which must be tended to. Because Jesus, Abraham and Kane..you know, the one who killed his only brother because they were fighting over who would make babies with their mom and get dads gold after he was gone?/
How are we still fighting over these concepts?

We aren't for long.  In another two thousand years humans will have shelved religious myths for a greater awareness as to what we are based on actual evidence.
 I bet Zeus feels bad that nobody ever worships him anymore.
Zues, Athena, they are ghosts.man's memories of man's search to find out who we are..
The way I see it, any god or  goddess which would let her son suffer and writhe in pain and still do nothing? That is horrible.
"thou shall not suffer a witch to live"
Right from the get go, he is a killer.
In modern times,  god would be in jail for child abuse, sexual harassment, hatred of women, needing protection and on and on and standing by while his son suffered...he can't help someone who needs a limb but he can make an earth quake to kill a bunch of people who said something bad about him?
What are we that we can say it is ok because it is god?
He tells a devoted servant to kill his son? Abe, dude, please, no..that is your boy not a lamb!
"oh, shit, I had better find a way to explain my obedience to god so I don't look like a tyrant" I wonder if Abe thought that?

How is it that we still have "faith" in all that?

faith mid13century, "duty of fulfilling one's trust," 
fromO.Fr. feid, from L.fides "trust,belief," from root of fidere

I must say, I am in total speculation about truth and what it means to me.
It is not a place where we kill each other and say it is  to protect god and goodness and the other guy is saying the same thing. they are willing to blow each other up for goodness while really, it is about how many sheep they can gather  so that they can have slaves to dig up the goodies that come from those parts of Earth..
How little do they know that there is so much continually being made for us..we are but a speck on a small planet electrically magnetically being pulled by our life giving star..
That is all and so much at the same time.

I am not ranting really, I do not want you to feel bad if you have a kinship with Isis or Kali or even Jesus.
The ideas these individuals provide may be used for goodness and real learning. I love Isis! I want to be her!
I still love theTarot and astrology and if anyone thinks I am crazy..I do not care!
I find that I do notice when a planet is retrograde..When mars went direct yesterday, there were emergency sirens all day. I heard three by 2 o clock and my mom heard some too.
people are a little more loud or I would say irked when planets shift.. not me. I went to ann arbor and bought paper and talked with my girl and packed soap boxes for my sweeties..

Mars is direct now but listen, mercury.. mercury is about to slow down..
just keep your eyes and ears open, say hello and smile..the birds are singing and it is warming up in detroit..livonia..farmington area.
I love it here so much..:)

((digging the now))

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