Saturday, May 10, 2014

do this don't do that notes on Mars and Libra Aries vibes

It is true. Your life is in constant evolution and your encounters are constantly evolving.
Mars is dong a number on Aries chicks, and men, but the chicks for sure..and also Libra is there looking at and thinking.."why do you jump to conclusions?" because Libra is also going through this Mars in Libra transit which makes Libra to be appearing as  somewhat of an Arian/ Uranian..that said, Libra will bring out some ideas which may shock you and scare you a little..I do that anyhow:) I do not know about other Librans.
Aries..sheesh, being in your shoes for me kind of feels acute intense feel everything mode...
You  want to be at the finish line before you start!
You know you want the job done so perfectly and that leads to being  by the book..your book, their books..Aries usually has a couple of militant rule books they must  follow. They need quick resolution..
be careful babies, that you do not overlook all the fact and somehow come through uncaring about anything but how things should be..your policies, your sunny day look all day and behind that may be a ruthless over reactor..jumper to conclusions without knowing what your or other's  needs are. air  of mistrust brings nothing good to the table..that is why Librans will say the truth..with most folk , we spill..we do have our little secrets, don't we? Somethings you do not tell, you do not divulge..
I am speaking about  Aries types  because in my life, you are all over the place..I have you at work, home, the store, the bakery..
Why do I love you Aries?  Because between me and you, you get me, it is sort of real between seems that way and then you choose the wrong thing and hurt me while giving me candy:))
"why do you hurt me?"
ha ha ha (signifying laughter)
I think that for Libra men, it must be a shocking thing to realize your position hasn't made you fact you now see what else you must sacrifice to have it. Yes, I get it, I too, would be a little upset by having to sacrifice my dignity to some uneducated dick wad holding a pad and paper and think they are cool just because they look like a hipster.. ((dick wad))
Shed the dignity, honey and smile..who are you, some throned king? You have a mortgage, a car and many expenses which require you to submit to your despotic authority..the only thing missing is the tall hat with gold trim, a red on, velvet!
You know what I should say?
"your hipster ass  isn't fit to smell the steam of my piss, honey, you got things to learn, young'un!"
ha ha ha

"two legs bad, four legs better"
"four legs good, two legs better"

The rules change as we go. It is up to us to be aware of the rules and be on top not some ego, black pit bottom feeding!
Mercury will be going retrograde soon, what ever is emotion or activity going down now, will become more acute for the next few weeks..
It could be money being spent and your energy being re distributed in new areas..there are new  adventures for all of us on the sunny and warm horizon. I know this! It is inevitable.

I love you, little hipster!

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